Sage The Barista Express review. Everything you need to know.

Sage barista express

Earlier I wrote a blog about why you should choose a Sage coffee machine . Or not, of course you can ;-)

This time I'm diving a little deeper into one of the most popular Sage models, namely the Sage Barista Express. i

I'll dig into the details and give 7 reasons why you should buy a Sage The Barista Express. Hopefully the blog will help you make an informed choice.

The Sage Barista Express is an affordable but high-quality entry-level model. Sage is committed to bringing barista quality coffee to your home.

So if you also miss that delicious coffee from your favorite coffee shop, you are at least in the right direction.

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sage the barista express

The Sage Barista Express is very nicely designed. The appearance is tough, recognizable and above all compact. This saves space in your kitchen and this is of course always welcome!

The machine is available in two colours. Black (Black Sesame) and Silver (Stainless Steel).

The black version is currently very hip, but the silver version, on the other hand, is a bit more timeless and classic. All in all, both variants are a real eye-catcher. The analog pressure gauge completes the industrial whole!

Complete package

What I really love about purchasing the Sage Barista Express is that it is so nice and complete. There is of course a built-in coffee grinder (that saves you a few hundred euros) and a lot of parts are added.

Also a super high tech milk jug with temperature control, various filter trays, a tamper and many other useful things. See here the overview of all details that are included with the Sage Barista Express.

The coffee grinder

The Sage Barista Express has a coffee grinder with integrated conical (conical) grinding elements.

You can set this mill to 18 different grind settings and determine the amount yourself. You determine the grinding degree with a rotary knob. I find this very intuitive myself.

The ground coffee goes directly into the portafilter, so you can immediately make coffee for the optimal result!

The hopper (bean reservoir) of the Sage Barista Express is also nice and compact.

About 250 grams of beans fit in here, so your fresh beans don't get old too quickly. Are you curious about the best way to store the rest of your beans?

Our packaging in which Zwarte Roes coffee beans are supplied is extremely suitable. The one-way valve allows air to escape (CO2 from the coffee beans), but no air is added.

sage barista express coffee grinder

Adjustable temperature (PID)

Are you a real diehard coffee fan? Then this is definitely a welcome gadget!

The digital temperature control (PID) ensures that the water from the Sage Barista Express has exactly the right temperature for the optimal extraction of a specific coffee.

One coffee is of course not the other!


If you let the espresso run at a Sage Barista Express, the first few seconds are pre-infusion.

This means that the ground coffee is wetted without too much pressure. The pressure builds slowly.

This ultimately ensures that the espresso extracts easier and better, and the beautiful sweet flavors can come out more.

Automatically or manually

What is a real plus of the Sage Barista Express is that you can make coffee automatically with a pre-programmed button (of course adjustable to preference, but our advice is 40 ml for a double espresso as the basis for everything!).

This makes it super simple and helps you to make coffee within a minute with the Sage Barista Express.

But it is also possible that you want to experiment with the amount of water, even then you are in the right place with Sage Barista Express because you can determine how much water comes out at a time.

In addition, the Sage Barista Express is also equipped with a hot water tap / tea tap, so that you can easily make an americano (regular coffee) by diluting your espresso with hot water.

Frothing/texturing milk for latte art

The Sage Barista Express is equipped with a powerful steam pipe. After some practice, you can certainly make suitable milk foam for latte art with this!

The supplied temperature-controlled milk jug will also help to obtain the right structure for the perfect cappuccino or flat white.

Sage Barista Express vs. the Sage Barista Pro

Many people hesitate between the Sage Barista Express and the Sage Barista Pro. The machines are not very different, but there are three main differences:

  • The Sage Barista Pro is equipped with an LCD screen which makes making coffee just a little more intuitive. The Sage Barista Express is a bit more manual in that regard.

  • The Sage Barista Pro has a faster heat-up time. Thanks to the innovative ThermoJet heating system, the machine reaches the optimum extraction temperature within 3 seconds.

  • The Sage Barista Pro has 30 grind settings. With this you can adjust your machine just a little more precisely than the 18 grind settings at a Sage Barista Express.

Do you have any questions regarding this? Feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to view the product? Then click here .

Pros and cons

  • Grind with the perfect dose with the built-in grinder you grind just the right amount of coffee for the perfect taste.
  • Grind adjustment dial for easy application of the perfect grind for each coffee bean
  • Grinder with integrated conical grinding discs that provides you with the right dose of coffee with one tap.
  • Hands-free operation thanks to the innovative grinder holder so that you grind the coffee directly in the portafilter.
  • Precise espresso extraction with the digital temperature control (PID) the water is always at the right temperature for the perfect espresso.
  • Milk texturing with fine foam with the powerful steam wand that puts your first latte art at your fingertips
  • Single boiler so that you cannot make coffee and froth milk at the same time.

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Sage Barista Express - fine-tune grinder by 'top burr' adjustment (calibrate).

Technical specifications


33(W) x 31(D) x 40(H)


2-year warranty

Construction material:

Brushed stainless steel


2 l water tank 450 g bean hopper


Single or double shot, Adjustable grind and manual override

VIDEO: How to make a latte in less than a minute with the Sage Barista Express

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