Which is better, black coffee or coffee with milk?

What is better? Black coffee or coffee with milk?

In recent years, a lot of research has been done into the effects of coffee on your health, the positive effects of coffee and, of course, the things you should pay attention to.

Of course you can drink your coffee in many different ways. Just black, with sugar, with milk or with milk and sugar.

By the way, let's not forget the 'Caramel-latte-frozen-frappuccino 9873's', which are also packed with calories. But which is better, black coffee or coffee with milk? Because milk is also healthy or something?!?

Which is better, black coffee or coffee with milk?

Black coffee

“What do you have in your coffee?” "Just do black". We all know this question and answer combination. Plain black coffee is coffee without milk, sugar or other additives.

If you look at the nutritional value in coffee , black coffee is a super healthy choice. Coffee beans have almost no calories, fats and sugars, so you would think that you can drink a lot of this.

In theory this is correct, we just have to pay attention to the dust your caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause negative side effects. In the article; what does caffeine do in your body? , you can read more about the effect of caffeine and the amount of coffee you can drink daily without experiencing these side effects.

Conclusion: If you drink black coffee in moderation, this is super healthy, besides that it contains hardly any calories, it also has a positive effect on overall health.

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Coffee with milk

Are you a real cappuccino drinker or do you enjoy a flat white or a latte ? Coffee with milk is really super popular.

In many catering establishments, about 75% of the coffees ordered are coffee with milk.

Because milk is quite high in calories, your cup of coffee with milk is also a lot less calorie-poor than a black coffee.

But only looking at calories is of course not necessarily the best indication to conclude which is better, black coffee or coffee with milk? That's why I'm making a little trip to the nutritional value in milk.

Nutritional value of milk

Milk contains a lot of saturated fats, a lot of protein, vitamin B12 and calcium. Proteins, vitamin B12 and calcium in particular are healthy building blocks for the human body.

So it completely depends on whether you look at the nutritional values ​​or the number of calories to conclude whether black coffee or coffee with milk is better.

Calorie coffee with milk

Milk and certainly whole milk, which is the most delicious in coffee, contains quite a lot of calories. For example, a cappuccino or a latte can easily contain 62 kilocalories per cup.

So if you drink a number of coffees with milk, the number of calories you consume by drinking coffee can quickly add up.

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Alternatives to milk

Of course you can also opt for plant-based milk in your coffee. These alternatives contain no trans fats and are therefore better for your health than cow's milk.

So if you want to enjoy coffee with milk in a healthy and responsible way, the plant-based milk alternatives are definitely worth considering.


Looking purely at the nutritional value and health benefits of black coffee, you can conclude that this is better for your health. It is free of fats, calories and sugars.

When you add milk to this, it becomes a completely different story.

Still, there are healthy nutrients in milk, but by drinking coffee with milk you get considerably more calories than if you just drink a cup of black coffee.