Grind coffee beans. What is the best way and why?

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Nowadays it is no more than normal for coffee roasters to roast really fresh coffee to order for the customer. And it is no longer normal for coffee lovers to also order these fresh coffee beans. But how do you ensure that you also taste the delicious flavors of these freshly roasted coffee beans in your cup of coffee? Grinding coffee beans is an important step in the process of making a delicious cup of coffee.

But why should you actually grind your own coffee beans and how can you best do this? In this article I will take a closer look at the importance of grinding your coffee beans right before you see your cup of coffee. I will also tell you more about how to find the most suitable coffee grinder and what you should pay attention to. I close with a few bonus tips to make your cup of coffee even better 😉.

Why grind your own coffee beans?

Freshly ground coffee beans have more flavor and aroma than pre-ground coffee. Once the coffee is ground, it loses its freshness much faster. This is because ground coffee has relatively more surface area that then comes into contact with air, causing it to go stale faster. Sounds logical huh?! It even seems that ground coffee has already lost most of its aromas within a few minutes...
Grinding coffee beans releases the oils and flavors contained in the beans, resulting in a deliciously fragrant cup of coffee. In addition, by grinding your coffee beans yourself, you can adjust the size of the grind to the way you brew coffee. This way you can adjust the taste and strength of your coffee to your liking.

Now that you know that it is best to grind your coffee beans fresh for every cup of coffee, it might also be useful to know how best to grind your coffee beans yourself. Read on quickly, because I'm going to tell you all about it.

What is the best way to grind coffee beans?

There are several types of coffee grinders available, including manual and electric grinders. Manual grinders are quiet and portable, while electric grinders are faster and easier to use.

When grinding coffee beans, it is important to choose the correct grind size, depending on the brewing method. For an espresso, the grind should be fine, while for filter coffee, the grind should be coarser.

Regardless of which grinder you use, make sure the grinder is clean before you start grinding to preserve the quality of the coffee. Experiment with different grinds and find out which works best for your taste and brewing method. By grinding with the right grinder and grind size, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with an optimal taste and aroma.

I always recommend choosing a coffee grinder where you can adjust the grind. In addition, the grinder must really grind the coffee and not break it like the typical Blokker and Lidl grinders with a button on top, which you can often buy for a tenner.

Types of coffee grinders for grinding your coffee beans

As I briefly mentioned above, there are different types of coffee grinders that you could use. The right choice depends purely on your budget and what you want to achieve with your coffee grinder. Are you only going to make espressos or do you want an all-rounder? I only make slow coffee at home and the Fellow Ode Gen 2 is a real winner for me. Besides being a very good coffee grinder, it is also very nice to see!

Do you want to know which mill suits you best? Then read my article about the top 12 coffee grinders and find out which coffee grinder will make your coffee moment even better.

Grinding coffee beans while travelling

If you are a real travel junkie like me and you want to enjoy the best coffee wherever you are, then a hand mill is really a must. These are easy to carry, quiet and often very good at grinding your coffee beans. In terms of price, these hand mills vary from a few tens to a few hundred euros.

Budget tip

Does your trip already cost you enough and is your budget therefore limited? A good option is the Hario coffee grinder . This one is nice and compact, durable and grinds fairly consistently. It is called an all-rounder, but I think it is more of a grinder suitable for filter coffees , because in my opinion it does not grind fine enough for an espresso.

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Bonus tip: How to keep your coffee beans fresh

As promised, one last tip, in addition to always freshly grinding your coffee, to keep your coffee as fresh as possible in other ways for the ultimate taste experience. The most important thing is the way you store your coffee beans . Always keep these in an airtight, dark container and make sure your beans stay nice and dry.


Grinding coffee beans is an important step in making a great cup of coffee, and grinding freshly ground beans provides more flavor and aroma than pre-ground coffee. The loss of aromas is due to the large surface area of ​​ground coffee, which comes into contact with air and quickly goes stale.

Grinding coffee beans reveals the flavors and oils contained within the beans and gives you the ability to adjust the size of the grind to suit the way you brew your coffee. There are different types of coffee grinders available, such as manual and electric grinders. Choose the right grinder and grind size to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with optimal taste and aroma.