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Making the world a better place. One bean at a time.


We are Marvin and Eline, founders of Zwarte Roes, man woman, dream team, coffee lovers, travel junkies, do-gooders and passionate about taste. We run our own coffee roasting facility in Zwaag (Hoorn) where we roast the most beautiful coffees fresh every week, all ethically sourced. We are proud to put a lot of love and passion into every step we take.


the roastery

We roast specialty coffee for the hospitality industry, offices and home baristas and brewistas.

Together with our partners, we look for the most beautiful coffees in the world, preferably with a beautiful story. Because nothing or no one is anything without its own story. Taste goes beyond just your sense of smell and taste. The background and context are also important in the overall experience.

We roast and package these coffees fresh every week (or more often!) in our own micro-roasting plant and we ship our fragrant packages throughout Europe every working day.


The better the working conditions, the happier our coffee farmers are. Happy farmers ensure a radically better end product, which contains love and passion. And you can taste that. No charity, but pay according to quality.

So win-win!

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the story of BLACK ROSE


Our story started in 2015, when we quit our jobs. We sold all our possessions and booked a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia, each with only a large backpack. Back to basics in a journey around the world that lasted two years.

In Sydney we tasted the specialty coffee culture and in South America we experienced how heavy and intensive the process of growing, harvesting and processing coffee is. That was an eye opener!

How is it possible that we in the Netherlands can buy a kilo of coffee for a few euros? While it is hand-picked and processed, then shipped, roasted, packaged and shipped? Something isn't quite right here...


Home again. With our last savings and all the experiences in our pocket, we have decided to do things radically differently. Looking for a combination of the ultimate taste experience, a fairer distribution of the result and our passion for the most beautiful travel stories. Then Zwarte Roes Specialty Coffee was born.

Specialty coffee of the highest quality, purchased at fair premiums, freshly roasted every week and packaged in our own roastery. We share the story behind our coffee and put the hard-working producers and our partners in the spotlight. We do this together, this is how it should be. Together with them we arrive at this ultimate product.


The deeper we delved into the world of coffee, the more we found out how unfair things are.

We soon saw that coffee is a commodity (just like grain and oil) and the price is determined by the stock exchange. huh? Surely this can't be true. A high-quality product is sold and purchased by trade back and forth for next to nothing. And sometimes as many as 20 different parties earn from these transactions. But time and time again the farmers lose out.

This is how our dream came true. A fairer distribution in the chain, the unnecessary traders away and much better coffee!

Pay according to quality and not quantity. Do you know what happens then? The producers put even more love into the product, are even more sustainable and aware of the environment, so that we get the very best end product.


When we were just getting started, COVID-19 came into play. A fear and an opportunity at the same time. People went back to what is really important to them, took their time and thought about who they are, what they stand for, what they really like and what the real value of food is.

Despite the fact that it was a great challenge that all business customers disappeared in one fell swoop, we saw a very nice growth in interest from those who stayed at home. It was so nice and heart-warming to be even more involved with the end users in terms of content and to incorporate their feedback into the further development of Zwarte Roes.


Black Rose is growing day by day. Not necessarily in quantity, but certainly in quality. Together we are eager every day. Together we know a little better who Zwarte Roes exactly is and what kind of coffees and stories go with it. Together we know a little better every day how to get this message out into the world. That is real growth in our eyes.

To be continued, never not growing…


Now that you know more about Zwarte Roes, about us as humans and how we do things, it's high time to get back to what really matters. The coffee of course. View all coffees of the moment in our shop, including all blends, filter specials and single origins.

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