We ship our coffee and accessories with DHL by default.

You can always opt for a PostNL shipment within the Netherlands, for €1 extra. This is because processing a PostNL package costs us more.

Service point / Parcel Shop deliveries can be arranged to DPD points or PostNL points.

If you order before 3 PM on working days, we always ship the coffee the same day. This usually means that the coffee arrives the next day, but this depends on how busy the delivery services are. Sometimes it takes longer.

The delivery of machines and gear depends on the current stock. This is normally always stated in the product description, or we will contact you afterwards.

The following rates apply within the Netherlands:

Mailbox package €3.95

Service point delivery €4.50

Up to € 40 order value € 4.95

From € 40 - free shipping.

PostNL shipping + €1.

Free shipping within the Netherlands also applies to all tasting packs.

For more details, also about international shipments, view our shipping policy.

Guaranteed fresh

We supply freshly roasted coffee and therefore we have a minimum stock of roasted beans. If you order coffee from us, the coffee is usually roasted on the Monday or Friday before.

Due to the minimum stock we use, the coffee from the webshop is never older than 2 weeks upon delivery.

The roast date on our coffee indicates when the coffee was roasted. Our coffee tastes best when it is consumed one week after roasting, but no later than 6-8 weeks after roasting. After this period, the taste of the coffee will quickly deteriorate. We therefore always recommend ordering the amount of coffee that will be consumed during this period.

Ground coffee deteriorates much faster and loses all its flavor after a week and becomes flat. We therefore always advise you to buy whole beans, and to grind the beans yourself with your own coffee grinder for each coffee moment.

However, coffee will not go bad that quickly, the coffee has a minimum shelf life of one year after roast date (but probably even longer).

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Specialty coffee

Coffee grown in specific micro-climates, the terroir of this place gives this coffee its unique taste. Coffee with a cupping score between 80 and 100 points, and the style of the roaster and barista also have a major influence!

Read more information about 'specialty coffee' here

Single Origin coffee concerns coffee beans that come from a certain region, plantation or even part of a plantation. Our Single Origin coffee is always traceable, so you always know where it comes from, how the coffee was produced and basically all other relevant information to guarantee a high-quality product. Single Origin coffee beans have unique properties because they often come from specific plantations and therefore come into their own as stand-alone coffee.

Some coffee beans are roasted lighter than others. Those will taste better in a milder roast, for example, which gives a better taste experience. We recommend lighter roasted coffees for slow coffee brewing methods such as a filter machine, Hario V60, the Aeropress or, for example, a Chemex.

Espresso coffee beans are often roasted slightly darker. Espresso enthusiasts usually prefer a somewhat fuller taste. Due to the high pressure of an espresso machine, this (slightly) darker roast ensures that coffee tastes can be extracted in a short(er) time. We recommend the darker roast for an espresso machine or percolator.

Of course it is only a brewing advice. If you are a fan of a fruity, light espresso, beans with filter advice can be used for espresso. Or are you a fan of a darker roasted coffee in your Chemex, then this is of course also possible. Note: this has nothing to do with the grind. By default, all orders are shipped as whole beans. Unless requested by you to grind the coffee, of course.

Yes, all our coffees are currently 100% Arabica.

But there are also nice developments going on with regard to Specialty Robusta coffee, so who knows, we might experiment with that in the future. Then this will of course always be stated in the product description and will never be at the expense of quality.