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Fruity Juicy Boozy Lucy.
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The party for your taste buds
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Fruity light roast
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product filter brew box
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Taste our light roast collection
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The freshest kickstarter
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Filter Specials with unique fruity flavours

Are you a real slow coffee lover and looking for lightly roasted Filter Specials? Fortunately, we offer that too! Filter Specials are specially and temporarily purchased coffee beans, often with a very unique taste character that can be called real fruit bombs. If you opt for Filter Specials, you are probably looking for unique and especially subtle flavours, and you are not afraid of a fruity acidity in your coffee.

What is the flavor of Filter Specials?

If you have not drunk Filter Specials before and you are used to coffee from the supermarket, you can probably really compare these coffees with nothing you have tasted before. Filter Specials must be prepared with special brewing methods, such as Hario V60, Chemex, Kalita Wave or Aeropress, with special recipes based on water temperature, grind and extraction time. These Filter Specials, if prepared properly, can be compared to a tea-like experience.

What is the quality of our Filter Specials?

All our Filter Specials are 85-90 points on the SCA scale, of course all Specialty Coffee quality. All our Filter Specials are freshly roasted in our roastery every week and a roast date is stamped on the sealing edge of the packaging of each Filter Special.

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What other customers think...

Robust cup of coffee

Sometimes we feel like a stronger cup of coffee, then La Obstinada is delicious! I use this blend as a filter coffee, great!

Thea vanderLand
Delicious coffee for a fair price!

Very tasty coffee. Nice website to check out. Fast delivery. And always with a personal message.

Marc Brothers
Surprisingly from Indonesia

Very surprising espresso. Nice and soft but very full! Completely different taste than you are usually familiar with. Definitely try!

Very soft

Very soft, creamy, almonds, I put this extra strong in my espresso machine (Profitec Pro 500) and then you have a top coffee (espresso and or cappuccino).

Agatha Markiewicz
Delicious coffee

Very Good Coffee. It was my first experience with light roast coffee. Delicious 🙂

Jose Magrin
Very nice smooth coffee

The taste of the coffee is very nice. Not bitter at all, every cup of coffee is enjoyable.

Florian ten Horn
Sweet, fruity, and wonderfully fragrant

Smells great and grinding the beans is already a party. The coffee is full of flavor, but sweet and fruity, and therefore very accessible.