Which coffee is consumed the most?

Which coffee is consumed the most

We Dutch are real coffee freaks. Did you know that we as Dutch people drink an average of 8.3 kg of coffee per person per year? That's about 830 cups of coffee per person per year!

This puts us in third place in the world ranking of countries where the most coffee is consumed.

I prefer to drink slow coffee or espresso, actually always without milk and certainly without sugar. And of course I always grind my coffee beans fresh for every cup of coffee.

How does this compare to the rest of the population? Which coffee is consumed the most?

Which coffee is consumed the most?

The national coffee and tea survey, commissioned by the Dutch coffee & tea trade association, shows that, just like me, most Dutch people get out of bed in the morning for a cup of black coffee.

Do they do this because black coffee is better than coffee with milk? Or is it just a matter of taste? Anyway, below is a nice list of the coffees that are most commonly drunk in the Netherlands

  1. Black coffee
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Latte macchiato
  4. Espresso/double espresso
  5. Latte coffee (café latte)
  6. Ice Coffee
  7. Espresso macchiato
  8. Ristretto
  9. Cortado
  10. Flat white

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top 10 coffee drinks

Source: National coffee and tea survey

Which coffee is drunk most men vs women

I myself have sometimes had the feeling that women order a cappuccino or another coffee with milk with milk faster than men. And that men go for a black coffee more often than women.

The same study also shows that coffee drinks with milk, with cappuccino at number one, are consumed more often by women than by men.

But what's the point now? I don't know, maybe a nice topic for another article.