Coffee as a pre-workout, you have to try this!

Coffee as a pre-workout


Start your good sports intentions even better and 'go natural' in the gym this year. Do you already use a specific pre-workout?

Or are you perhaps still looking for the right pre-workout for you? It might be interesting to take a look at the ingredients that are in regular pre-workouts!

Artificial flavors, dyes, sweeteners, and other weird things you can't pronounce and you don't even want to know what they do or what side effects they have. And of course caffeine .

Natural gains

You train clean, eat clean and live clean. But usually this is not yet the case with your supplements. Did you know that there is a relatively inexpensive way of a super natural pre-workout boost ?

You guessed it, with COFFEE of course!

The most important ingredient in your pre-workout jar is caffeine . And of course you know that this component is already naturally present in your cup of coffee.

By choosing the right coffee beans you can easily, naturally and in a tasty way give your workout a fat boost.

Effect of coffee on sports performance

We are now convinced that coffee is good for your health. But apart from having a positive effect on your health, you can also give your sports performance a big boost with a healthy dose of caffeine.

How does that work? Caffeine in your body provides more energy. These increased energy levels increase the transport of essential building blocks such as calcium.

In addition, caffeine reduces fatigue and burns more calories at certain levels of caffeine in the body.

Coffee and sports performance

  • Coffee provides mental alertness
  • Caffeine ensures a higher calorie burn[ 1 ]
  • Muscles recover better with caffeine
  • Fatigue during strenuous activities is reduced

Coffee vs supplements

Coffee and supplements both have their benefits. Coffee in the first place is a lot cheaper than pre-workout and has fewer side effects when using it, unlike pre-workout.

In addition, drinking a cup of coffee about 45 minutes before your workout is a tasty and simple activity.

Coffee is completely natural and offers many other health benefits in addition to its positive effects on sports performance.

On the other hand, it is sometimes advisable for experienced bodybuilders to go for a good pre-workout supplement.

A good pre-workout contains other ingredients such as creatine and amino acids that make you perform even better in the gym.

These advantages may not outweigh the disadvantages for you[ 2 ], so make an informed decision.

How long before exercising do you take your shot

Okay then, you go for it. You give coffee a serious chance as a pre-workout and to improve your sports performance.

But it takes more than the tastiest coffee beans and a coffee machine to conjure up your own pre-workout brew.

Timing is key here. It is very important that you drink your coffee at the right time to make the most of your caffeine peak.

You have your caffeine peak about 45 minutes after you take your shot of espresso . After this period, your body starts to burn the caffeine, so that the effects will become less and less.

How much coffee as a pre workout

Most pre-workouts contain between 80 and 400mg of caffeine per serving[ 3 ]. How many cups of coffee do you have to drink to get the same amount?

A shot of espresso contains about 60mg of caffeine. When drinking two espresso shots before your workout, you will soon have 120 mg of caffeine!

This is more than what you find in some pre-workouts. If you really want to go fast, you just drink 4 or 5 shots of espresso 💪 .

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Why coffee as a pre-workout?

Coffee is not only pure nature and without additives. It also contains a natural form of caffeine that provides important cognitive functions such as your mood, energy level and is packed with antioxidants .

So go au naturel and find the very best coffee that is packed with caffeine and tasty enough to drink for a lifetime.

If you're going to try it, let us know what your experience is!

We have already made a selection for you.

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