What is a latte?

What is a latte

The latte, a real Dutch classic, also called café au lait or latte because of the large amount of milk. This coffee is often compared to, for example, a cappuccino or latte macchiato, but it is a completely different drink. The only similarity they do have is that coffee beans and an espresso form the basis for the coffee drink.

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How do you make a latte?

Making a latte is actually quite simple and you can easily do it at home.

Step 1: Brew espresso

Choose your favorite coffee beans and use them to make an espresso .

Tip: Use a somewhat larger cup so that enough milk can be added.

If you don't have an espresso machine or coffee machine that you can use to make an espresso, make a cup of (extra strong) filter coffee.

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Step 2: Heating milk

Heat the milk with the steam nozzle of your espresso machine or coffee machine. Don't have a steam pipe on your coffee machine? Heat the milk in a saucepan or milk frother. Note: do not let the milk boil.

Step 3: Pour your coffee wrong

Pour the warmed milk over your coffee. For the best result, keep 1 part coffee to 3 parts milk. That's it, your latte is ready!

What is the difference between a latte and a latte macchiato?

A latte is very similar to a latte macchiato, but is slightly different. It is mainly in the preparation here. With a latte macchiato, you first froth the milk and pour it into a tall/tall glass. Then you make a shot of espresso and pour it over the milk in the glass. This is how the well-known layers in the latte macchiato are created, which makes this coffee drink so visually attractive to many.

The difference between a latte and a cappuccino

A cappuccino is also not the same as a latte. Here the difference lies mainly in how the milk is heated. With the latte, the milk is only heated before it is poured over the coffee. With a cappuccino, however, the milk is whipped, so that you get a somewhat thicker foam layer that you can mix nicely with the espresso with good practice and could even make latte art with it.

How many calories does a latte contain

Milk is the largest component in a latte. Although black coffee itself contains no calories, the large amount of milk causes a huge increase in the number of calories in your coffee drink. According to the Nutrition Center , there are about 75 calories in a cup of 250 ml of coffee.

Amount of caffeine in a latte

Only the coffee component of a latte contains caffeine. When you prepare a latte with an espresso as a base, you can assume that there is about 65 mg of caffeine in your latte.

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