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You become a real home barista with espresso machines from Sage

If you value coffee of excellent taste and quality more than a shot of caffeine in the morning, then an espresso machine is probably high on your wish list. They are one of the easiest ways to brew coffee, which can be the basis for a wide variety of coffee drinks.
Many espresso machines are equipped with a milk frother and steamer, so you always have the choice of taking an espresso or using a shot as the basis for a capuccino.
What is the best espresso machine for you and why a Sage machine depends on your budget, the space you have in your kitchen and how you like to drink your espresso.
But your choice also depends on how much you like to take the time to prepare your coffee.


Sage has been building coffee machines and kitchen appliances since 1932. Originally, Sage is an Australian company, better known as Breville, but it has since become a global phenomenon, a company located in more than seventy countries.
Continuous innovation is the secret, as are easy-to-operate machines that have no difficult maintenance requirements. Descaling the machine about once every three months is enough to keep the Sage coffee machine working perfectly.
In addition, the materials used in the machines are of excellent quality, which guarantees a long service life.
And it is a beautiful device to have in your kitchen, fully brushed stainless steel in gray or black, in a luxurious-looking design. The Sage espresso machines provide barista quality coffee at home or in your own company.
The interface on the machine provides all the information you need to see what your coffee is doing.
Most Sage coffee machines have an integrated grinder that grinds directly into the reservoir. In general, you can say that coffee that is ground just before brewing has a higher taste quality.
That's why you see many coffee bars using a machine with an integrated grinder instead of pre-ground coffee.

Sage coffee machines

Sage produces a wide range of coffee machines, from ideal starter machines to fully automatic coffee machines. A compact mid-range piston machine is The Bambino Plus.
Great for turning ground coffee into a straight latte that could have come straight out of a coffee bar. The machine doesn't have a built-in bean grinder, so you need a separate coffee grinder to make ultra-fresh coffee.
This machine can froth milk to add latte art to your coffee. The Thermojet technology heats the water in just three seconds, and the digital temperature control is precise enough to make sure your coffee is always served at the right temperature.
Three temperatures can be selected for heating the milk, and there are also three options for the thickness of the milk foam. There is a generous water tank and the entire housing is made of stainless steel, so a high-quality coffee machine.
You can choose to brew one or two cups at a time and the descaling and cleaning programs ensure that the device continues to work well throughout its life.

Sage Dual Boiler

Another mid-range coffee machine is the Sage Dual Boiler . In terms of price and options, this is a step further than The Bambino.
This model is designed to bring the coffee bar experience to your home, with a wide range of professional features to bring out the best flavor from your beans.
This is not a bean-to-cup machine, because you have to purchase a bean grinder separately. The LCD display conveniently shows various settings, such as temperature and shot volume.
Unlike cheaper coffee machines, the Dual Boiler also contains a heat exchanger, which preheats the water to the ideal temperature before it enters the boiler, and a pressure relief valve.
This last feature prevents bitterness by providing constant pressure during the extraction process.

Sage Oracle Touch

The Sage Oracle Touch is a coffee machine of a different calibre. This luxury machine makes your coffee fully automatically, from grinding the beans to tamping the ground coffee and frothing the milk.
Your favorite coffee drink is served with one touch on the touchscreen display. With a double boiler, this machine heats up very quickly and the PID heating ensures consistent temperature of your coffee.
The machine has room for 2.5 liters of water and 280 grams of beans and the build quality is unprecedentedly high.
The price is much higher than the other coffee machines, but for that you get the luxury and quality of a coffee bar coffee, fully automatic, within a minute.

Sage Barista Express

Sage Barista Express

The most popular model from Sage is the budget-friendly one Barista Express . This is a super fast semi-automatic coffee machine that serves up a fantastic espresso in a short time, so you can stay in bed longer but still have the opportunity to become a home barista.
This coffee machine allows you to make your own coffee by setting the manual controls. This way you can improve your skills if you want to, and you keep control over the quality of your coffee.
But if you're having a lazy day, you can simply set the machine to automatic operation, after which you'll have a fresh cup of coffee in no time.
The semi-automatic Sage espresso machine makes it possible to drink just as delicious coffee at home as in a coffee bar.
Still, making a great espresso or capuccino doesn't take much time, thanks to the automated features. You just have to press the button to serve a great quality coffee.
Need to experiment? Then you switch on the manual function et voilà, you have a coffee from the coffee bar at home.


Then the inside of the coffee machine. The built-in bean grinder ensures fresh coffee with every cup. Thanks to the cone-shaped grinder, the ground coffee is perfectly measured and ground almost silently.
You can also adjust the grinding degree yourself, there are no fewer than 18 different mesh settings to choose from. The duration of grinding the coffee can also be adjusted.
The coffee machine has room for 250 grams of beans and the water tank is good for 2 liters of water. The coffee beans are freshly ground for every cup, so your espresso comes out of the machine super fresh every time.
The temperature of the water is accurately measured by a digital temperature control, which is an integrated stainless steel water path.
This gives the water for the coffee just the right temperature, a crucial aspect of a perfect coffee.
In addition, you can preheat the cups on top of the device to keep the coffee warm enough and to serve it at the right temperature.

Milk frother

Sage coffee machine 2
The Sage coffee machine also includes a milk frother that froths the milk to a perfect consistency into a fine foam through the steam nozzle.
A milk jug is included with the machine for free. This is where your barista skills come into play, ideal for practicing with latte art!
The Barista Express is the easiest, most user-friendly espresso machine when it comes to learning how to froth (or actually steam) milk for latte art.
Steaming milk with this coffee machine is precise and controllable, allowing the milk to get the ideal texture for that perfect flat white or latte.


The Barista Express is a semi-automatic espresso machine with an integrated grinder.
This model is not a bean-to-cup espresso machine. The similarity between these two types of coffee machines (the bean-to-cup variant and the traditional semi-automatic espresso machine) is that both have an integrated grinder.
Bean-to-cup espresso machines do it all at the touch of a button, without the need for any barista skills. In other words, the Barista Express is not a true bean-to-cup machine, but it does have many of the same benefits.
The machine also has an unmissable stylish design, many different options to adapt the coffee to your wishes and various accessories.
This Sage coffee machine is a traditional espresso machine with an integrated grinder.
If the quality of your coffee is your number one priority, and if you have the patience to develop your own barista skills and get to know the machine, a traditional semi-automatic espresso machine with an integrated grinder, such as the Sage Barista Express, is a perfect choice.

How do I use the Sage Barista Express?

Place the container with the portafilter in the holder designed for it and the device grinds a precise dose of coffee directly into the reservoir.
Then use the specially made tamper to tamp the ground coffee - make sure the tamper is flat and even to get the best extraction.
Then place the holder in the brewing head and press the button for a single or double shot for a delicious cup of coffee. This all happened in less than a minute.
With little experience you can make a flat white in no time with the same quality as the coffee from your favorite coffee bar.

Ready in no time

A big advantage of the Sage espresso machine is the speed with which it is ready for use.
After switching on, it heats up in just a few seconds thanks to the thermocoil heating system. Once everything is heated up, run a little hot water through the brew head and reservoir to heat it up and you're ready to brew the perfect espresso!
Keeping the coffee machine clean is also done quickly. It is wise to clean the machine about once every three months descale .
Fortunately, the machine itself indicates when it is time for cleaning by means of the 'Clean Me' button.
The machine itself has a cleaning program and descaling program with which you can easily carry out cleaning when necessary. Convinced, but looking for a little more detail?
In the review of the Sage Barista Express let's take a closer look at this.

Barista Pro

Sage Barista Pro
Slightly more expensive than the Barista Express is the Sage Barista Pro , which was recently launched. This model has a built-in LCD screen and offers thirty options for the grinding degree.
The finest and coarsest grinds are the same as with the Barista Express. The renewed thermojet heating system brings the water to the right temperature within three seconds.
A small upgrade compared to the Barista Express, but also slightly more expensive. In the comprehensive review of the Sage The Barista Pro we take a closer look at the properties of this machine.

The choice of whether you go for an entry-level model from Sage in a compact format or, for example, the ultra-luxurious Oracle Touch depends on your wishes and requirements.
The fully automatic machine with a high level of luxury will certainly impress your visit, but with the Barista Express you can even impress your friends with your own barista skills and latte art .