What is coffee wine? Unlocking the delicious fusion of two seasonings.

Coffee wine

Are you a huge coffee lover? Are you always looking for something new and exciting to try in the realm of caffeine-filled drinks? If so, you're in luck - coffee wine is here and it's not only as delicious as it sounds, it's also a true taste sensation!

Coffee wine is not just a mix of coffee beans and grapes, it is an intriguing combination that produces a unique taste unlike anything else.

Rich in notes of both elements, this drink will tantalize your taste buds in ways you never thought possible! But what exactly makes this delicious fusion so special? How do grapes and coffee work together to create such a delicious blend? Read on to find out more about the background of this intriguing drink and discover the full potential of truly heavenly flavors... Let yourself be taken on a taste adventure unlike anything you've experienced before!

What is Coffee Wine?

Coffee wine, as the name suggests, is a unique combination of coffee and wine. But this simple description hardly does justice to the complexity and subtle nuances of this drink.

Coffee wine is actually created from the fermentation of coffee cherries - the fruit within which the coffee seed is located - instead of traditional grapes. This process results in a drink that balances on the edge between coffee and wine, with the deep, fruity notes of wine and the sharp bitterness of a good coffee.

Making coffee wine is a careful and labor-intensive process, in which the coffee cherries are picked by hand and carefully fermented. The end result is a drink with a complex blend of flavors: it has the sweetness of grape wine, mixed with the slightly sour taste of coffee, and a hint of chocolate and nuts. It is this unusual combination of flavors that makes coffee wine so unique.

It is important to note that unlike traditional coffee, coffee wine has an alcohol content approximately equal to that of a light wine. So even though it goes by the name "coffee," it's definitely not a drink to wake you up in the morning. But it is a drink that contains caffeine , so this is something to keep in mind if you want to limit your overall caffeine intake.

What does coffee wine taste like?

An innovative fusion of two beloved beverages, coffee wine is an intriguing option for the adventurous foodie. It is not just a drink, but rather an experiment in taste sensation, a daring combination of the familiar flavors of coffee and wine.

The origin of coffee wine lies in the careful fermentation of coffee cherries, a process carried out with great precision. The core of this process is not the coffee bean itself, but the fruit surrounding it. The berries are harvested manually and fermented with extreme care, creating a unique drink that embodies both the rich flavors of wine and the bright accents of coffee.

This unique drink brings together the sweetness of the wine and the bitterness of the coffee, enriched with an undertone of chocolate and nuts. Although the name 'coffee wine' may bring to mind a morning wake-up call, it is important to emphasize that this drink has an alcoholic content similar to light wines.

Coffee wine is an experience in itself, a voyage of discovery of flavors that pushes the boundaries of the culinary adventure. It is a fascinating addition to the palette of the contemporary gourmet, defying expectations and adding a new dimension to the world of gastronomic pleasures.

How to make coffee wine at home?

Making coffee wine at home is an adventurous endeavor. It all starts with the selection of high-quality, fresh coffee cherries. These berries are the basis of the fermentation process that gives coffee wine its unique taste. In the Netherlands it can be a bit difficult to get your hands on fresh coffee cherries, but hey, who knows, maybe you have a special entrance!

After harvesting the berries, they are carefully washed and hand-sorted by color to ensure that only the best specimens remain for the brewing process. The berries are then dried in the sun until they turn a rich, ruby ​​red color.

The next step in the process is fermentation. The dried berries are placed in a fermentation vessel and poured over with a sugar water solution. This mixture is then stored in a dark, cool place for several weeks, being gently stirred occasionally to promote the fermentation process.

After fermentation, the mixture is carefully sieved to remove solid particles. What remains is a clear liquid with the rich flavors of wine and coffee. This liquid can then be poured into bottles and stored for further maturation, or enjoyed immediately as a delicious, unique drink.

Whether you're a novice barista or an experienced vinologist, making your own coffee wine at home is a fascinating experience. With patience, care and the right ingredients, you can enjoy this unique culinary creation in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, no coffee plants grow in the Netherlands, so it can be a big challenge!

Combine coffee wine and serve

Serving coffee wine can add a unique twist to your culinary experience, it is a complex drink that combines both the rich robustness of coffee and the refined nuances of wine. When pairing coffee wine with food, it is important to consider flavor profiles that highlight the wine's characteristics without overpowering the robust coffee notes.

For an ultimate taste experience, you can combine coffee wine with dark chocolate or strong cheeses such as blue cheese. These strong flavors can beautifully complement the complexity of coffee wine without overshadowing it.

Serving coffee wine at room temperature helps elicit its full range of flavors. It can also be drunk as a digestif or an aperitif. Try not to pour too much - a small glass is enough to appreciate the rich flavors and aromas of the coffee wine.

Remember, serving and pairing coffee wine is as adventurous an undertaking as making it. So feel free to experiment and discover which combinations suit your taste best. Enjoy your coffee wine experience!


Coffee wine is truly a unique culinary discovery, a perfect fusion of the rich flavors of coffee and the subtle nuances of wine. Whether you are a novice amateur or an experienced connoisseur, there is always room to experiment and discover new flavor combinations.

The combination of earthy and fresh sour notes in the wine is a special combination, just like coffee itself of course, but different! I recommend everyone to try this if the opportunity arises to make or drink coffee wine.

Remember, it's not just about the end product, it's also about the journey to get there. So dive in, experiment and most importantly, enjoy your coffee wine experience.