What is a flat white?

Flat white

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Originating from, for us, Mecca of specialty coffee. Australia and New Zealand. Where our dream of a specialty coffee roaster originated, that is also where the flat white originated.

In terms of appearance, the flat white is very similar to its Italian brother, the cappuccino, but a flat white is slightly different.

In this article I will tell you all about the flat white, the origin, the ingredients and teach you how to make your own flat white.

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What is a flat white

The Flatty is the Australian/New Zealand answer to the Italiancappuccino . The flat white consists of 1 part espresso and 2 parts warm milk, with a thin layer of foam.

It is important with the flat white that the milk has the perfect texture and is not too thick as you sometimes get with a cappuccino

Where does the flat white come from

To really understand the properties of the flat white, a little history lesson is needed. As I indicated, the flat white comes from Australia. After the Second World War, many British and Italians, actually just many Europeans, emigrated to Australia. These immigrants also brought their coffee and tea habits to their new country.

According to Ria from Coffee Circle [ 1 ], the English were not familiar with the famous Italian cappuccino technique and used their way of preparing tea to also make a milk coffee. This became the flat white.

At the end of the 1980s, when the Third Wave coffee movement took over Australia, this flat white has been further refined with latte art frothing techniques.

Latte art was born and the heart, flowers and swans are indispensable in our milk coffees.

What is the difference between a flat white and a cappuccino

The cup size and ingredients are exactly the same. The difference is mainly in the preparation of the drink. The traditional cappuccino consists of a single shot of espresso and two parts of milk foam.

The flat white, on the other hand, is made with a double shot of espresso. This makes the coffee even more concentrated and stronger in taste.

The flat white can also be made with a double ristretto, but this differs a bit per coffee bar.

The Cappuccino and flat white are also both made with milk foam. Only the milk foam that you use for a flat white is more concentrated and has more microfoam.

By the way, this allows you to pour the most beautiful shapes into your coffee.

It seems like a small difference, but the density of the foam of the flat white gives a completely different effect to your coffee drink.

How to make your own flat white

Now that you know everything about the flat white, it is of course time to make your own flat white. Unfortunately, you cannot just make a flat white, you need certain coffee gear for this.

What do you need for a flat white

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Preparing flat white

OK. Let's go. Your espresso machine is up to temperature, your beans are in the grinder and your milk is ready. We're going to make a real flat white.

  1. Weigh your coffee beans and grind them fine for your ultimate espresso

  2. Put the coffee beans in the port filter and place in the espresso machine

  3. Press the button and let your espresso brew

  4. Pour 100 ml of milk into your milk jug and turn on your steam wand

  5. Froth your milk, but not too hard, create a nice microf-oam with a fine texture

  6. Pour the milk over your espresso, make a heart, a giraffe or what part me a deer 😎

  7. There you go! Your very own Flatty.