How to grind coffee beans without a coffee mill/grinder

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Don't have a coffee grinder at home to grind your coffee beans? Don't worry, there are alternative ways to do this, although these methods may not achieve the ultimate result.

In this blog post we will discuss in detail different methods you can use to grind your coffee beans without a coffee grinder.

We will explain you step by step how you can make a cup of coffee using simple kitchen tools, such as a rolling pin or a mortar.

For example, by trying out these alternative methods, you can still get your day started if your coffee grinder breaks down! Discover the creative solutions and find the method that suits you best!

Explore options for grinding coffee beans by hand

Method 1: Chopper/food processor

You can also easily grind your coffee beans with a food processor. This is one of the easiest options if you don't have a coffee grinder. All you need is a good food processor or chopper with enough power to grind the coffee beans.

Method 2: Rolling pin

With a rolling pin it is also possible to grind coffee beans. Using a flat rolling pin, you can crush the coffee beans between two layers of plastic wrap. It is important that you do not pulverize the beans too much, but keep them in the correct grind size, for example.

Method 3: Blender

A blender is also well suited for grinding coffee beans. Again as with the previous methods, it is important that you do not overdo the grinding of the beans, but stay within the correct grind size.

Method 4: Manual Coffee Grinder / Manual Grinder

If you're looking for a manual (not electric) method of grinding coffee, then using a manual coffee grinder may be the best choice for you.

Use standard kitchen utensils

Suppose you do not have a coffee grinder at your disposal or one of the above machines, then you could use standard kitchen utensils or tools as a last resort to make a nice cup of coffee.

Method 5: Hammer

With the help of a small hammer or mortar it is possible to easily grind your coffee beans. However, it is difficult to grind this very evenly.

Method 6: Mortar & Pestle

An old Dutch kitchen tool that is often used to grind herbs and spices is the mortar & pestle. When grinding coffee beans with this tool, it is important that you work the beans in a circular motion so that the beans do not jam.

Method 7: Paring knife

If you don't have a coffee grinder at your disposal or any other tools, there is another option that you should really be interested in. A paring knife can also be used to finely grind coffee beans. Using the knife you can finely chop the beans, but make sure you do this fairly evenly.

Factors to consider for the desired consistency of ground coffee

Unfortunately, the above options are all secondary to an excellent or good coffee grinder. These methods can indeed break the coffee bean into small pieces or pulverize it, but for making a good cup of coffee it is really important that you really achieve the right grinding degree for each coffee making method, so that the particles are exactly the right size. and, above all, be consistent in this grinding degree.

That is why it is important to determine the correct grind size based on the coffee brewing method you use. For example, for an espresso you want to use a fine grind to get the optimal extraction, while for a French press a coarser grind is needed to prevent too much sediment from ending up in your cup.

Having a coffee grinder with different grind settings allows you to choose the perfect grind size for each specific brewing method.

By investing in a good coffee grinder and achieving the right grind size , you can significantly improve the taste and quality of your cup of coffee.

It ensures that the extraction is optimal, so that you can experience the full taste and aroma of the coffee beans.

So, if you're serious about brewing a good cup of coffee, it's worth investing in a quality coffee grinder that will allow you to achieve the perfect grind for whatever brewing method you prefer.

Recommendations for brewing ground coffee without a grinder

Of course, you are up for a fun experiment, you are at the campsite or your coffee grinder is suddenly broken and you still want something. Then it is of course a nice idea to see how you can make a cup of coffee from coffee beans without a coffee grinder.

You can try this using the options mentioned, consisting of food processors and home, garden and kitchen tools.

However, as a specialty coffee roaster, the only recommendation we can make from a professional point of view is to invest in a good coffee grinder.

If this is really not an option, I would personally opt for pre-ground coffee rather than grinding coffee using one of the alternative methods mentioned.


It's clear that a coffee grinder is the best option to achieve your perfect brew. The different grind settings allow you to get exactly the right grind size you need for the brewing method you prefer.

However, if a coffee grinder isn't in your budget or you just want to try it out, there are alternative ways to experiment with different brewing methods.

Although the quality may not be at the same level as an espresso or filter coffee made using a professional coffee grinder, you can still achieve nice results using these alternative methods. Also fun to do with friends.

Try it out yourself and experiment, or jump back into your favorite coffee!

Have you ever made ground coffee without a grinder? Let us know how it went! We are curious about your experiences.