How coffee helps you with intermittent fasting.

Coffee intermittent fating

I discovered myself a year ago what intermittent fasting is and what the benefits are. Intermittent fasting actually means that you eat at set times or don't eat at all in one day.

I myself eat between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. and I don't eat the rest of the time. Pretty tough at first, but now it's so in my system that I don't know any better.

Sometimes I even forget to eat at 11am.

As an avid coffee lover, I immediately thought 'how do I combine this with my love for coffee'.

As the owner of Zwarte Roes, I am naturally busy roasting coffee on a daily basis, but more importantly: quality management and creating the ultimate coffee recipes.

Is this still possible if you are doing intermittent fasting? I looked it up for you, because to be honest, if the answer was no, I would stop right away. With intermittent fasting of course 😉

"Intermittent fasting results even better with coffee."

What is intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a form of fasting in which you have a period every day in which you get your food and a period in which you do not eat anything, but only drink something. It comes down to intermittent fasting. [ 1 ]

There are many studies that have shown that intermittent fasting can have beneficial effects on your health [ 2 ]. You also stimulate fat burning and weight loss if you ensure that you also consume fewer calories during your eating periods.

Can you drink coffee while intermittent fasting?

During the hours that you fast you can easily drink a cup of coffee. As long as you drink your coffee black then... There are no calories in a cup of coffee that affect or interrupt the fast.

This only applies to pure coffee without sugar and milk. Phew, wipe the sweat off your forehead ;-) No coffee no workie, I get you!

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Is coffee healthy during intermittent fasting?

But there's more! Coffee positively contributes to the benefits of intermittent fasting such as improved brain function, reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease and reduction of inflammation.

Need more reasons to put coffee on the menu while fasting? You can live longer, you lose weight, rejuvenate the cells in your body and reduce the production of cortisol.

In short, less stress and a longer life 🌱 . So coffee can be very healthy for you and support you in your overall health.

Enough motivation for coffee to add to your diet. Want to know what else coffee can do for your overall health? Then read the 4 reasons why coffee is healthy .

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I like good news! And yes, you can certainly call this good news! You can drink coffee safely during intermittent fasting.

Due to its many health benefits, it is really a good idea to add a few cups of coffee to your diet.

Preferably choose beautiful freshly roasted coffee beans with a nice taste profile and give your intermittent fasting a positive boost.