Vietnamese eierkoffie - Zo maak je het!

Vietnamese egg coffee - That's how you make it!

Have you ever been to Vietnam? How deep have you dived into the Vietnamese coffee culture? Chances are you've seen the egg cappuccino on the menu. My first reaction was: egg in my cappuccino , how?

ca phê trung

cà phê trúng, or egg coffee, originated in Hanoi during the first Indochinese war. During this period, there was an acute shortage of dairy products, which gave Mr. Nguyen Giang ideas.

On our trip through Vietnam, we drank the one and only egg coffee in the original Café Giang. This coffee bar still exists and is the only one in the world that serves the strictly secret original egg coffee recipe.

It's super tasty! Very creamy and a little sweet. A kind of cappuccino plus something extra, so to speak.

Due to the protein and fats of the egg, you naturally create some extra creaminess on top of your milk, which may explain this. Anyways, it's super tasty and very easy to make. Unfortunately, the original recipe is top secret and not public. That is why we share the recipe that comes closest in terms of taste and texture.

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This is how you can now make your own cà phê trúng at home:

The recipe

- Double shot of espresso
- 2 egg yolks
- 3 tablespoons of condensed milk
- (vanilla) sugar (optional)

This is how you make it:
2. Mix the egg yolk and the cold condensed milk well and beat it with a whisk, so that it becomes a frothy whole. Think cappuccino milk. Add some (vanilla) sugar if you like a sweet coffee, this is not necessarily necessary.
3. Add the mix to the espresso

And voila , there's your first cà phê trúng ☕!

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