Sage The Barista Pro review. Complete list.

Sage Barista pro

First I wrote a blog about why you should choose a Sage coffee machine . Then I dived a little deeper into the Sage Barista Express , one of the most popular machines.

This time I will discuss the more luxurious brother of the Sage Barista Express, namely the Sage Barista Pro. I also give you 7 reasons why you should buy a Sage The Barista Pro.

Hopefully this blog, and the other blogs, will help you make an informed choice.

The Sage Barista Pro is still very affordable, but just a bit more luxurious and just a bit more extensive. Sage is committed to bringing barista quality coffee to your home.

That applies to all Sage coffee machines , so you're at least in the right direction

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Complete package

The coffee grinder

Adjustable temperature (PID)

LCD Display

Fast heat-up time

Froth milk

Sage The Barista Express vs Sage The Barista Pro

Advantages and disadvantages

Technical specifications

VIDEO: Making coffee with the Sage Barista Pro

Other Sage models


The Sage Barista Pro is once again very nicely designed. It is very similar to the Sage Barista Express, so the appearance is also tough, recognizable and above all compact.

The biggest difference in appearance is the modern and sleek LCD screen on the Sage Barista Pro.

The machine is available in three colours. Black (Black Sesame), Black Metal (Black Stainless) and Silver (Stainless Steel).

The black models are both very popular at the moment, but the Stainless Steel version, which is of course timeless in design, is also a popular color.

The Black Stainless is the newest color, which has only been available for about a month at the time of writing.

Complete package

The Sage Barista Pro is also nice and complete. Of course there is a built-in coffee grinder (that really saves you a few hundred euros) and a number of parts are added.

And with us you also get an extensive sample package of coffee so you can get started right away! Here's what's included:

✔︎ Filter baskets, single and double wall (1 and 2 Cup)

✔︎ Razor™ dosing tool

✔︎ 480ml stainless steel milk jug

✔︎ Cleaning kit

✔︎ Water filter

The coffee grinder

The Sage Barista Pro has a coffee grinder with integrated conical (conical) grinding elements. You can set this mill to up to 30 different grind settings and determine the amount yourself.

You determine the grinding degree with a rotary knob on the side, which works very well! The ground coffee goes directly into the portafilter, so your coffee stays super fresh and can go straight into the machine.

The bean container (hopper) of the Sage Barista Pro is the same size as that of the Sage Barista Express and most other models. About 250 grams of beans fit in here, so your fresh beans don't get old too quickly.

Are you curious about the best way to store the rest of your beans? Our packaging in which Zwarte Roes coffee beans are supplied is extremely suitable.

The one-way valve allows air to escape (CO2 from the coffee beans), but no air is added.

Adjustable temperature (PID) and pre-infusion

Are you a real diehard coffee fan? Then this is definitely a welcome gadget! The digital temperature control (PID) ensures that the water from the Sage Barista Pro has exactly the right temperature (+/- 2°C) for the optimal extraction of a specific coffee.

When you turn on the espresso at a Sage Barista Pro, the first few seconds are pre-infusion. The pressure builds slowly.

This ultimately ensures that the espresso extracts easier and better, and the beautiful sweet flavors can come out more.

LCD Display

As mentioned earlier, the biggest visible difference with the Sage Barista Express is the LCD screen of the Sage Barista Pro.

This works very intuitively and displays all the necessary information correctly. What do I find most useful?

The lead time! Normally I always keep the stopwatch on my smartphone next to making coffee, that's really a thing of the past now!

Fast heat-up time

Are you often in a hurry or just don't feel like waiting a long time when you actually want to make coffee? The Sage Barista Pro features the innovative ThermoJet heating system.

This system reaches the optimum extraction temperature within 3 seconds. You can also easily switch between espresso and steam for frothing milk.

Frothing/texturing milk for latte art

The Sage Barista Pro is also equipped with a powerful steam wand. After some practice, you can certainly make suitable milk foam for latte art with this!

There is a nice stainless steel jug for frothing your milk.

Sage Barista Express vs. the Sage Barista Pro

Many people hesitate between the Sage Barista Express and the Sage Barista Pro. The machines are not very different, but there are three main differences:

  • The Sage Barista Pro is equipped with an LCD screen which makes making coffee just a little more intuitive. The Sage Barista Express is a bit more manual in that regard.

  • The Sage Barista Pro has a faster heat-up time. Thanks to the innovative ThermoJet heating system, the machine reaches the optimum extraction temperature within 3 seconds.

  • The Sage Barista Pro has 30 grind settings. With this you can adjust your machine just a little more precisely than the 18 grind settings at a Sage Barista Express.

Do you have any questions regarding this? Feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to view the product? Then view the Sage The Barista Pro .

Pros and cons

  • Intuitive interface giving you the right information for the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

  • Faster heat-up timewith the innovative ThermoJet® heating system, the machine reaches the right temperature within 3 seconds and you never have to wait for that perfect cup of coffee again.

  • Grinder with integrated conical grinding discs that provides you with the right dose of coffee with one tap.

  • Dosage of 19-22 grams for a full flavor which is essential for brewing a professional quality espresso.

  • Precise espresso extraction through the pre-infusion, the pressure is gradually increased, ensuring a harmonious cup of coffee.

  • Micro-foam milk texturewith the powerful steam wand that puts your first latte art at your fingertips.

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Sage Barista Express - further fine-tune grinder by 'top burr' adjustment (calibrate)

4 reasons why your Sage Barista Pro coffee tastes bad.

Technical specifications


35.4 x 41 x 40.6 cm

9.08 kg


Limited 2-year warranty

Construction material:

Brushed stainless steel


2 l water tank

Bean hopper of 250 g


Adjustable grind

Intuitive LCD interface

Volumetric control, 1 and 2 Cup

VIDEO: Making coffee with the Sage Barista Pro

Other Sage models

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