Small Batch and Micro-Roasting: The Art of Craft Coffee

Small batch and micro roasting

In this blog post I take you on a journey of discovery through the enchanting world of small batch and micro roasting - a world where craft and sustainability go hand in hand. Dive with us into the art of coffee roasting, where every bean is cherished with love and every cup tells a story. From refining flavor profiles to revealing the magic of single origin coffees.

We like to share the secrets behind the delicious coffees. We also explore how these approaches to coffee roasting play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and responsibility for our environment. So put on your virtual coffee apron and immerse yourself in a world where taste, care and green consciousness come together.

Definition of Small Batch and Micro Roasting

Small batch roasting is all about attention to detail and love for the profession. Forget mass production – here every bean is cherished. Passionate coffee roasters carefully select small quantities of, often specialty coffee , coffee beans.

Attention is paid to the flavor profile, country of origin and altitude at which the coffee grows. With all these variables, you as a coffee roaster are better able to achieve a great end result. This allows you to roast the coffee with extreme precision, resulting in a flavor profile that brings to life the very best in every bean.

"Before I roast my very first batch of coffee from a new coffee, I first do a few test roasts in my Ikawa."

Before I roast my very first batch of coffee from a new coffee, I first do a few test roasts in my Ikawa sample roaster. This way I know exactly how the coffee reacts and whether I should roast it quickly or slowly to achieve the best results. Curious about what sample burning is? Watch my colleague Eline below who is doing some test roasts.

Micro roasting, on the other hand, goes one step further. This is about refining coffee roasting into an art form. You almost figuratively put the coffee beans under the microscope to map all the properties. Experiments with time, temperature and brewing methods to bring out the very best from the coffee.

Each batch of coffee is handled with care and dedication, resulting in a cup that captures the unique essence of its origin and variety of flavors.

At Zwarte Roes we believe that every sip tells a story. Our commitment to small batch and micro roasting brings not only coffee, but also stories to life, straight from the farm to your cup.

The art of hands-on burning

I may have told you before that coffee roasting is a true art form. All variables such as time, temperature and color influence the final taste of your cup of coffee. By hands-on burning I mean that you control the entire burning process manually instead of an automated machine that does all the work for you.

The trick is to get all these variables to come together in perfect harmony. If one thing is not right, the desired result may be disappointing.

But how does hands-on burning work? You weigh in advance exactly how much coffee you are going to roast. Since we are a small batch roaster ourselves, we do this in batches of 10 kg. Then you pour the coffee through a funnel into the coffee roaster and the party begins.

Green coffee beans before they are roasted

The goal is to roast your coffee within a predetermined time and final temperature. Here it is very important that you adjust the machine so that you achieve your end goal at the right time. This sometimes goes wrong in the beginning. When I first started roasting coffee, I may have thrown away 100 kg of coffee in the garden because I had not yet fully mastered the art of small-batch roasting. It's a shame, but the plants are growing nicely on it!

To achieve the same, consistent result every time, I use Cropster as a software tool to keep track of exactly whether I am going in the right direction and whether I am reproducing my successful recipe correctly.

Emphasis on quality and traceability

Most small batch coffee roasters know that every stage of the coffee chain is critical. The emphasis is therefore on the highest quality, transparency and traceability, with every aspect of coffee production discussed in detail. From growing conditions to the use of pesticides, and even the price the dedicated coffee farmer receives for his valuable harvest.

Only the most excellent coffee beans deserve the designation Specialty Coffee. Carefully growing and harvesting ripe berries is essential, and this is always done by hand. The beans are then carefully processed, removing the skin and drying them. Sometimes they are even dried together with the fruit, to allow the sweetness of the berry to penetrate deep into the coffee bean. Read more about this in my article about the different processing methods of coffee beans . After a series of sorting processes and quality tests, only beans without defects and with the desired flavor profile are eligible.

Our close collaboration with dedicated coffee farmers is the key to ensuring this exceptional quality. Fair payments encourage farmers to continuously strive for improvement, resulting in a win-win situation. At Zwarte Roes we are committed to offering you as a consumer a deeper insight into the transparent journey that specialty coffee takes before it lovingly ends up in your cup.

The beauty of single origin coffee

Coffee farmers

What could be better than being taken on a journey through the delicious uniqueness of single origin coffees. Each cup tells a story, a journey that begins on a specific plantation, high above sea level or hidden deep in the shadow of a mountain range.

What makes single origin so great? The answer is simple: character and terroir. Each bean bears the imprint of its native soil, imbued with the unique properties of the soil, climate and the caring hands that nurtured it. From the rich chocolatey notes of South American coffees to the vibrant, fruity explosion of African varieties, every sip is an instant journey to a different corner of the world.

At Zwarte Roes we embrace this beauty in our single origin collection , because they let us taste and feel how diversity is the essence of true coffee excellence.

Promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility

Small batch coffee roasters play an indispensable role in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. These artisan roasters have a deeper mission than just the pursuit of perfection in taste – they anchor themselves in the core values ​​of responsibility and care for our planet.

By choosing small batch roasting, as a roaster you choose precision over mass production. This not only means that every bean is checked by hand and roasted with love, but also that the ecological footprint is minimized. Less waste, less energy consumption and a greater focus on origin and ethical sources are intrinsic values ​​of this movement.

Roasting specialty coffee in small batches allows us to create a deeper connection with the coffee farmers who are committed to sustainable agricultural practices.

Building community and coffee culture

By fostering fair trade relationships, we contribute to economic growth in coffee-producing regions, which in turn benefits communities and the environment. At Zwarte Roes we believe that every sip is not only a pleasure for the taste buds, but also a step towards a greener, more responsible world.

We naturally try to share this in our own community of specialty coffee fans who, by reading our stories and tasting the exceptional flavors, are one step closer to building a community culture.


Small batch & micro roasting. These artisanal approaches to coffee roasting go far beyond creating flavorful cups. They embrace responsibility for our planet and promote sustainability at every level.

In the world of small batch roasting, every bean is treated like a precious jewel. These passionate coffee roasters carefully select small quantities, which translates into less waste and a reduced ecological footprint.

Micro roasting elevates the roasting process to an art, where every variable is examined and optimized to bring out the utmost in every bean. This dedication leads to unique flavor profiles and allows the essence of origin and variety to shine.

These approaches go hand in hand with fair partnerships with coffee farmers, which not only improves the quality of the beans, but also supports communities and the environment. Zwarte Roes believes that every cup of coffee offers an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world. We are proud of our role as guardians of taste, quality and planetary consciousness. Cheers to a greener future.