Which country has the best coffee?

What is the best coffee

Coffee, that magical drink that gives millions of Dutch people a kick-start in the morning. We actually have a pretty intimate relationship with this drink.

But what do we actually know about the origin of coffee, where does it come from and which country has the best coffee?

Just like the grapes used for wine, the beans used for coffee also have specific properties. These are mainly determined by the conditions in which they grow such as; sunlight, rain, the breeding ground and the altitude.

Because the specialty coffee market is growing enormously, we are only treated to increasingly special coffee beans with increasingly complex flavor profiles.

Of course, there is no arguing about taste, but this handy overview will at least help you on your way, looking for the best coffee

The countries with the best coffee


You may have heard that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. In addition, it is also the country where the world's best coffee beans grow.

In 850 BC, goat keeper Kaldi discovered that his animals became very happy after eating the berries of a certain plant, the coffee plant.

Thanks to the high altitude at which coffee grows in Ethiopia, this country is known as a producer of the best coffee beans in the world.

Ethiopian coffee is known for its wine-like character and fresh mouthfeel. Often with a light to medium body, high in acidity and complex flavor notes.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffee has a very good reputation worldwide. Since 1989, the Costa Rican government has prohibited the planting of low quality coffee plants in order to motivate the Costa Rican coffee farmer to strive for pure, excellent quality.

The coffee beans that grow on the volcanic subsoil in the mountainous regions are characterized by a smooth and soft flavor profile with a rich walnut flavor.


Wow Kenya. This is one of my personal favourites. In my opinion, the best coffee comes from here. What a party when you drink a Kenyan light roast.

My favorite coffee beans come from Niyeri County, or the champagne region of coffee. 

Kenyan specialty coffee is known for its explosive fruity flavours. In a good Kenyan coffee you can find notes of black currants along with the brightest, but most intense acidity you can expect.


Coffee from this country seems to be super special. I myself have no experience with this yet, except that I have read the book The Monk of Mokka.

If you're 'into' coffee then this is highly recommended and definitely belongs on your list of best books.

What I know from the book is that coffee from Yemen is super hard to export because of the wars that have been raging there for years. The coffee itself seems to be of superior quality and really belongs to the creme de la creme of specialty coffee.

Keep an eye on us because a coffee from Yemen will definitely come again.


Jamaica is known for producing some of the most expensive premium coffee in the world. The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is extremely well balanced with a pleasant medium acidity.

This rare coffee bean grows in the east of the island at an altitude of 910 - 1700 meters and is only allowed to grow on certified estates.

Because this small area where this coffee is allowed to throw, the price is kept very high and it is seen as a real luxury product.


Colombia is the country where it all started for Zwarte Roes. As a country, Colombia is a very large coffee producer, where 15% of the Arabica coffee in the world comes from.

Due to the excellent climate and rich soil, superior coffee beans come from here.

Colombian coffee producers are also known for hand-picking all coffee cherries. For example, only the most ripe coffee cherries are picked, which makes the quality of the end product extremely good.

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Panama is best known for its amazing Panama Geisha lots. These Geisha coffees are auctioned for very high prices.

A fun fact is that Panama currently holds the record for the most expensive coffee ever sold in an auction. It's a coffee prized by barista champions from all over the world.

Oh yes, now you are of course curious about the price for which this coffee was auctioned. A whopping $1,029 for 1 pound (about half a kilo)

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Of course there are many more countries and many more coffee farmers where really great tasty coffee comes from. The country, climate and subsoil on which the coffee grows have a major influence on the final taste.

But a really good specialty coffee farmer can also have great lots from countries that are not on this list. If these become more known in the future, they will probably also be included here. Which coffee do you think is the best coffee?