3 best coffee beans for Chemex


Do you love light roast coffees and do you love the Chemex as a brewing method? Then you've come to the right place today. We will delve a little deeper into the Zwarte Roes specialty coffee collection and advise you which light roast coffees work best in your Chemex.

So, coffee lovers, the Chemex is special when it comes to coffee brewing. It gives you just a little more body than, for example, coffee from the Hario V60 , but more control than, for example, a quick filter machine.

I'm going to tell you which Black Roes coffees that we currently have in our range are the tastiest in the Chemex. I look at flavor profile, processing method and country of origin.

Are you ready to take your Chemex game to the next level? Let's go!

Lightly roasted for cleanliness and complexity

We start with lightly roasted coffee beans because they are simply great in a Chemex! No bitters, lots of fruit and sweetness. Once you get the temperature, grind size and extraction just right, you won't be able to stop. I'm going to help you.

Single-Origin coffee beans for different profiles

Single origin coffee is really special! It comes from one specific region, farm, or even a microlot, meaning each cup tells a unique story. The flavor is deeply rooted in the region's unique terroir, blessed by specific climatic conditions and soil compositions. This creates a distinctive journey of flavors and nuances with every sip you take.

For coffee experts, single origin coffee is the ultimate choice, as each region has its own characteristics and climate that directly influence the resulting flavor profile. From fruity and floral notes to earthy and spicy aromas, single origin coffees offer a rich diversity of taste experiences.

So, if you want a coffee experience that will tantalize your taste buds and take you on a flavorful exploration of the unique character of each coffee plantation, single origin coffee is definitely worth a try.

Freshness is key

Fresh beans? Absolute! Because did you know that coffee tastes a lot less good after about 8 weeks after roasting than when it comes fresh from our coffee roaster? And that ground coffee has lost 15-50% of its aromas even after a few minutes?

Maybe you now understand why we continuously insist on fresh coffee beans.

Medium grind for optimal extraction

Which grind setting exactly for the Chemex? Just a medium-coarse grind. Just a bit coarser than when you grind your coffee for the V60, for example, and a lot finer than when you make coffee with the French Press .

However, this depends somewhat on the coffee you use. So taste carefully and adjust where necessary.

1. Colombia El Ridículo - [Limited Edition]

Check out this incredible find - El Ridículo from Colombia . This Limited Edition coffee has been carefully selected and has even won third place in the prestigious Huila Magico Competition. It comes from Finca Cataluña, located in the picturesque Pitalito, Huila, Colombia.

Get ready to taste the unique flavor notes of marzipan, candies and lemonade that will tantalize your taste buds in your favorite pour-over setup. El Ridículo comes in beautiful limited edition packaging, making it an exceptional gift for pour-over coffee lovers.

Don't miss this exclusive treat and enjoy the magic of the holidays with El Ridículo!
Prepare the coffee with the best gooseneck kettle for pour over coffee for a spot on extraction.

2. Ethiopia Raro Nansebo

In second place we have the famous Ethiopia Raro Nansebo . This refined coffee, with notes of black tea, blossom and strawberry, takes you on a tasteful journey. It was produced by "The King of Guji," Ture Waji, at the Raro Nansebo drying station. The ideal height, temperature and careful processing contribute to an exceptional score of 86+.

Due to the nightly delivery of coffee cherries, strict sorting and turning on African beds six times a day, this coffee achieves an optimal drying time of 21-28 days.

3. Guatemala El Panal

Discover our new light roast, El Panal , which will win the hearts of slow coffee and filter lovers!

This coffee is a fruity surprise with notes of apricot, orange and peach. Thanks to the subtle branding, El Panal promises a tasteful adventure that will make your taste buds dance.

So what are you waiting for? Let El Panal brighten up your morning (or afternoon) with an extraordinary cup of coffee!


So, there you have it - our top 3 carefully selected coffee beans that are a perfect match for your Chemex. Now it's up to you!

Be seduced by the subtle aromas, experiment with different brewing methods, taste the nuances, and discover your personal favorite.

Guaranteed that you can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning for that one perfect cup!