Warenhuis Hoorn

Zwarte Roes Coffee as first member Coöperatie Warenhuis Hoorn

On Thursday 10 September, the local Bol.com, Warenhuis Hoorn, officially became a cooperative in which all entrepreneurs participate. Our Marvin Antonius was able to put his signature on behalf of Zwarte Roes Coffee as the first member of the cooperative.

Department store Hoorn

Department store Hoorn, founded during the corona crisis, is an initiative to get people from Hoorn and the region to shop more online. Every Entrepreneur in Hoorn gets the chance to offer his products via this platform. A great opportunity for precisely the entrepreneurs with the stone shops who can make the step to online in an accessible way.

Black Roes as a partner

Zwarte Roes Coffee has been the proud partner and ambassador of Warenhuis Hoorn since the start. We try to support and help this initiative where we can. We are not necessarily the example of a brick and mortar store that has made the transition to online. We have been running a webshop for almost three years and focus on specialty coffee enthusiasts in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Nevertheless, we are very enthusiastic about Warenhuis Hoorn and hope to put us more on the regional map in addition to (inter)national fame. Department store Hoorn offers the ideal platform for this.

Curious about which local products you can buy in the online department store? www.warenhuishoorn.nl

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