Sage Barista Express - molen verder afstellen door 'top burr' aanpassing (kalibreren)

Sage Barista Express - further fine-tune grinder by 'top burr' adjustment (calibrate)

It sometimes happens that a coffee grinder or the built-in coffee grinder of your Sage Barista Express ( or Barista Pro or other models) is not properly adjusted. Sometimes it happens that you have the grinder set to its very finest and further follow all the steps from my previous instruction , and the coffee is still too coarse. Or the other way around... Do you also experience this problem?

Good news! It is very simple to calibrate your grinder slightly differently. It really just comes down to the fact that your 0 grind can suddenly become 5, or whatever you're looking for.

Then follow this instruction in the video below. Good luck!