How should you store freshly roasted coffee beans?

Storing coffee beans

We often get the question; "How can you best store your coffee beans and how long can you store them?". Sometimes it is even asked whether freezing is necessary to keep the quality optimal.

Quite honestly… No.

Unless you have bought really super special coffee beans that you want to enjoy again next year. Then this could be an option. But beware: This is not without risks.

You can keep our freshly roasted coffee beans for as long as you want. Because coffee doesn't actually spoil. But if you really want to enjoy the coffee to the fullest, you should drink it within six to eight weeks after roasting.

After that, the taste really deteriorates and it is actually a waste of your freshly roasted specialty coffee.

To keep the coffee really optimally fresh within these six to eight weeks, there are a few tricks to apply.

First of all, it is important to understand the basics of coffee beans and what causes them to age.

Understand the basics of coffee beans

Coffee is an agricultural product and, like all organic products, quality deteriorates over time.

Exposure to external factors such as oxygen, heat, moisture and light will strongly influence the shelf life of coffee . It is striking that light has the greatest influence on the shelf life of coffee.

When roasted coffee beans are exposed to light for an extended period of time, a chemical reaction is produced (photodegradation). This quickly reduces the smell and taste of the coffee.

In the end you are left with a flat and unexciting cup of coffee from which all complex flavors have disappeared.

So it is super important to always buy freshly roasted coffee beans. A good specialty coffee roaster roasts its coffee fresh weekly and sometimes daily, so that you as a consumer always get the highest possible quality and can enjoy the exciting flavors that the coffee has to offer.

The coffee roaster also does everything possible through its packaging to make the shelf life of the coffee beans as long as possible and sometimes even gives you tips on how to store coffee beans.

How long do coffee beans keep after you have opened the bag

How long you can store coffee beans after opening the bag depends on two factors. The main one is; when is the coffee roasted?

It is more advisable to look at the roast date because it gives you the best indication of the shelf life of the coffee. Secondly, it all depends on how you then store the coffee beans.

How long you can keep the coffee beans after roasting is of course also a point of discussion. Because coffee doesn't spoil at all, at least not in the bag. You can keep coffee for years, but your coffee will not be tasty.

Some coffee roasters say that you should use the coffee within two weeks of roasting for the optimal taste. After extensive testing, we ourselves have concluded that the 'sweet spot' of most coffee beans is somewhere between six and eight weeks after roasting.

However, it is important to protect the coffee beans as much as possible against oxygen, light, heat and moisture during that period.

At Zwarte Roes we use 100% recyclable bags in which we pack the coffee. These bags are equipped with a one-way valve that ensures that no oxygen can reach the coffee.

In addition, the bags are sealed airtight and there is a barrier against light. When you have opened the bag you can press the air out and close the coffee again via the resealable zipper.

This makes it super easy to store the coffee beans at home under the best conditions.

Tips for storing coffee beans

It is best to store your coffee beans in the packaging in which you received them if it has a one-way valve, a resealable strip and is adequately protected from light.

If this is not the case, you can opt for an airtight container with a dark color that does not let light, air and moisture through.

This way you can store coffee beans the best and longest and you ensure that the flavor profile remains optimal for a longer period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you store coffee beans?
For the ultimate taste experience, it is recommended to drink freshly roasted coffee beans within six to eight weeks after roasting. Coffee does not spoil, but after this period it will strongly deteriorate in taste.

Can you store coffee beans in a glass jar?

You can, but exposure to light will quickly degrade your coffee beans in taste and quality. It is best to choose a pot or container that does not allow light to pass through.

How do you know if your coffee beans are fresh?
You can see how fresh your coffee beans are by the roasting date stated on the packaging.

Can I store my coffee beans in the freezer?
You can certainly store coffee beans in the freezer to dramatically extend its life. However, it is very important to vacuum pack the coffee beans properly so that you are sure that no moisture or odors from other products can enter the freezer. Trust me, that really doesn't make your coffee any better!

How long can I store coffee beans from the supermarket?

This also depends entirely on the date on which these coffee beans were roasted. Unfortunately, there is often no roasting date on the coffee you buy in the supermarket.


It is best to store freshly roasted coffee beans in an airtight and light-tight container. It is then best to store it in a dry and cool place for the ultimate taste experience.

To get an idea of ​​how long you can keep your coffee beans, it is advisable to look at the date on which the coffee beans were roasted. If you buy your coffee from a specialty coffee roaster, this will certainly be on it.

If you store these as well as possible after opening, you will have the ultimate taste within six to eight weeks. After this time, the aromas, taste and smell deteriorate a little further every day.