Koffie uit Costa Rica Gaia Artisan Coffee

Costa Rican gems, new in our assortment!

📷 Grounds Costa Rica and Gaia Artisan Coffee.

Yes, another beautiful espresso roast has been added to the range, from Fernando and Angie's farm; Finca ( farm ) Sebastian from Costa Rica.

This farm is located in the Naranjo region, in the Western Valley of Costa Rica. This region is known for its exceptional production of Specialty Coffee .

Exactly what we are looking for of course!

A handy person

Annelise from Grounds Costa Rica, our new partner, approached us a while ago for these beautiful coffees. Annelise herself is half Dutch and half Costa Rican and handles international sales for the coffee farm.

This coffee is therefore also the result of ' direct trade ' with the help of a handy person: Annelise! The coffee farmer thus receives a much better price for his coffee, and that is of course allowed because they are really gems of coffees that we are very happy with.

All coffees are single estate from micro-lots that have been carefully selected and processed. Coffee of the highest quality, straight from the hands of the farmer in your cup.

The region

I mentioned earlier that this region is known for its fine production of Specialty Coffee, but this region is also known for its complex microclimates.

Fernando and Angie have to deal with: morning sun, afternoon rain, volcanic soils and high altitudes (1800 m above sea level), but without frost!

Both a challenge and a paradise for coffee growing. It is no coincidence that this region produces a relatively high percentage of Cup of Excellence winners!

Fernando and Angie

Fernando is an agricultural engineer and has successfully developed new coffee varieties.

These varieties are better able to withstand climate change and disease than traditional coffee varieties.

Angie recently became certified as a Q-grader (this is really NOT easy).

This combination ensures that they can continue to improve themselves and their coffees every year, after all, they know what to strive for!

The coffee

And you can taste that. These beautiful red honey processed coffees have an SCA score of 85 points and in your cup of coffee you can taste flavors such as mandarin, jasmine and caramel. Jamie, right?

Learn more about Gaia Artisan Coffee: https://www.groundscostarica.com/about-the-farmer