Best Coffee Grinder: 12 Incredible Burr Grinders (2023 Update)

Best Burr grinders

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If you end up on this blog, chances are you're wondering what the best burr grinder of 2023 is. A burr grinder is a type of coffee grinder. To make your perfect coffee with the best taste, it is important that you choose a burr grinder that suits the type of coffee you want to prepare. So there is no best coffee grinder for everyone, but I will try to guide you through the world of burr grinders.

To find the best taste in your cup of coffee, a good coffee grinder is indispensable. Pre-ground coffee loses more than half of its flavor within 5 minutes, so owning a coffee grinder yourself is actuallya must for the perfect coffee. But of course there are also major differences within the world of burr grinders, so I hope to be able to offer you some tips here.

In 2023 there are more and more good coffee grinders on the market known as burr grinders. In this article I will also tell you what a burr grinder exactly is, so that you can make the best choice in terms of coffee grinder for the best flavors in your favorite cup of coffee!

What is a Burr Grinder?

A Burr Grinder is a type of coffee grinder. These type of coffee grinders are often used by real coffee lovers and coffee drinkers who have been known in the world of coffee for a little longer. Another type of coffee grinder is a Blade Grinder, this type of coffee grinder has a knife (blade).

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With a Burr Grinder you work with grinding discs that move over each other to grind the coffee bean very evenly. The grinding discs of a burr grinder can move over each other in different ways. The best-known burrs in a 2023 coffee grinder are flat burrs or conical burrs. a

The closer the discs are together, the finer the coffee and the more flavour. But of course this mainly applies to the taste of espresso or Turkish coffee, for which you mainly need finely ground coffee. The best coffee grinder for a filter style coffee (V60, Chemex, etc.) requires a coarser grind and for that the grinding discs have to be a bit further apart.

Why Burr Grinders are the best coffee grinders

If you want to get the best taste out of your perfect coffee, I do not recommend buying a Blade Grinder. Such a type of coffee grinder is not actually a coffee grinder but more of a kind of chopping machine. You know, just like one you might have in your kitchen.

It is a coffee grinder with a blade in it that smashes the coffee bean. You can imagine that this happens unevenly, so you will have different sizes of coffee particles. Because there is no consistency, the taste deteriorates.

Once you know how the coffee grind affects the taste of the coffee, I'm sure you'll go for a Burr Grinder.

Because a Burr Grinder grinds the coffee beans very evenly between the two grinding discs of the coffee grinder, the particles are largely the same in size. In my opinion, a Burr Grinder is the best type of coffee grinder that exists. Also according to this Forbes article, a Burr Grinder is the best coffee grinder for your perfect coffee!

Of course it is very important to look at which type of Burr Grinder is right for you. To make the perfect coffee at home so that you can get the best flavours, you naturally want to know which coffee grinder is suitable and which is for sale in 2023. Also not unimportant of course. In the following overview I take a closer look at the best Burr Grinders currently for sale in 2023.

Top 12 Burr Grinders 2023

The best Burr Grinders of 2023 are the following below, but not necessarily in that order below. I mainly share what we think are fine coffee grinders today, but which one is better than the other depends, among other things, on your budget, your brewing method and your personal taste for design.

For each coffee grinder I have mentioned which brewing method the burr grinder is more suitable for (even though in theory they can sometimes do both), and sometimes they are really made as an all-rounder. However, experience shows that if a coffee grinder claims to be an all-rounder, they almost never excel in one of the two main categories: filter or espresso.

Baratza Encore - Filter

This coffee grinder is an all time favorite burr grinder for beginners. This burr grinder is mainly suitable for filter style coffees, but you can also make some espressos if you know what you're doing. This coffee grinder is mainly popular in 2023 due to its good price/quality ratio. It is a real entry-level coffee grinder.

Baratza Encore

Baratza Sette 30 - all round

This coffee grinder has been on my own counter for about three years and I am very satisfied with this coffee grinder. In 2023, however, you will still see this coffee grinder passing by a lot. This burr grinder is of a somewhat higher level than the first Baratza (Encore) and therefore also a bit more expensive. However, this benefits the taste because this coffee grinder grinds more consistently and you can therefore prepare the perfect coffee, including an espresso.

baratza set 30

Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus - Filter

This fine and compact hand mill is a super fine burr grinder for on the go. We therefore always take this coffee grinder with us when we go on holiday, also in the summer of 2023. Whether we are camping or going to a rented house, this coffee grinder is our best friend. It is affordable, compact and also looks nice! Do realize that a hand mill entails some work, so you'll be busy for a while. Also, a hand mill of this price class (<€50) is not perfect, so the particles will not always be consistent in size, but we think it's a great purchase for a holiday!

Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus

    Comandante Grinder C40 - Filter

    Another hand mill in the overview! This super de luxe hand mill is of a slightly different price range than the previous one, but then you also have something! This burr grinder is super focused on the very best quality and therefore the best taste, but also on the sustainability of the product. This makes this coffee grinder still one of the most popular coffee grinders among connoisseurs in 2023! Super consistent and super easy to use! Downside is the expensive price tag...

    Comandante Grinder C40

    Niche Zero - Espresso

    This burr grinder is currently very high on my personal wish list. The Zero in the name comes from 'zero retention' - or no loss of ground coffee. This makes adjusting your grinder/espresso machine a breeze! Every semi-automatic espresso machine user knows what a pain in the ass it can be to find the perfect grinding degree and throw away many (expensive) coffee shots in the meantime after adjusting your coffee grinder, but with this burr grinder that is a thing of the past time! Please note that this coffee grinder does not have a hopper, it is a single dose grinder, but perfect for making an espresso!

    Niche Zero

      Eureka Mignon Specialita - Espresso

      This is also such a beast of a machine, which looks special and looks great on your countertop. This burr grinder is handmade in Italy and the quality is excellent. A real espresso coffee grinder. This coffee grinder ensures the best taste in your perfect coffee, and in 2023 (even though the company has been around since 1920!) It can rightfully still be in the list of best burr grinders.

      Eureka Mignon

        Sage The Smart Grinder Pro

        This coffee grinder is a bit cheaper and falls more into the category of entry-level machines. This coffee grinder is called a burr grinder and is comparable to the Baratza grinders. Today, in 2023, Baratza and Sage are also under the same parent company. This coffee grinder from Sage has 60 grind settings and can therefore handle many different coffees. The grinder isn't the most consistent in terms of grinding degree, but you wouldn't expect that for a coffee grinder of this price. Only the real connoisseurs will recognize that in the taste.

        Sage The Smart Grinder Pro

        Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2 - Filter

        This coffee grinder is beautifully uniquely designed and shines like a pearl on your counter (it's also on my wish list!). This burr grinder from the Fellow brand is one of the few coffee grinders that is really specialized for filter methods with few fines. In 2023, this coffee grinder will also be called the grinder for the home if you are looking for an electric burr grinder suitable for filter style coffees. The coffee grinder has 31 grinding settings and is a single dose grinder for optimal freshness!

        Fellow ode

        Mahlkönig X54 Home - all-round

        This coffee grinder is presented as an all-rounder, but personally I would rather recommend it for espresso. Mahlkönig, of course, has a very good reputation, and is now easily entering the market with a home burr grinder. Whether it is the best burr grinder in 2023 I cannot say, of course there is no arguing about taste. But the fact that it is a solid brand with a long-standing reputation also plays an important role.

        Mahlkonig x54

        Baratza Sette 270wi - espresso

        This coffee grinder has something unique! This more expensive version of Baratza has a built-in active scale, so you no longer have to weigh your shots with an external scale. In addition, this burr grinder has durable grinding discs that remain sharp for years, which is also important if you purchase such a more expensive coffee grinder. Connoisseurs know, of course; weighing is extremely important for the taste of the perfect coffee!

        Baratza Sette GBW

        Mazzer Mini Electronic - espresso

        Mazzer has been a big name in coffee grinders for professional use for many years. But now in 2023 they also have a range of burr grinders for home use. This fine coffee grinder is a sturdy machine that can hold its own. Making your perfect coffee in the morning, whether it's an espresso or a cappuccino? The Mazzer Mini then really forms a reliable basis!

        Mazzer mini

        Fellow Opus Grinder - all round

        This burr grinder was newly launched in 2023, again from the Fellow brand. This time with an all-round focus, so that you can really bring out the best taste for every coffee. This burr grinder again has a beautiful design, but above all a super attractive price tag (<$200). I'm not sure yet if it really is the best burr grinder, the machine is still too new for that. Experiences will be needed for this.

        Fellow Opera


          I hope you found out what you were looking for; what are the best burr grinders of 2023. As you can see, there is not an unequivocal answer to this, what is the best coffee grinder of 2023 really depends on how you make your coffee and what your budget is.

          In any case, a burr grinder is the best type of coffee grinder out there because it ensures that coffee beans are ground evenly and coffee particles are therefore comparable in size. This benefits the taste of the perfect coffee! You can't even call a blade grinder a coffee grinder, this is more like a chopper (but they are very cheap!).

          Our list of the best burr grinders of 2023 has been compiled based on our own experiences and experiences of authorities in the specialty coffee world. There are cheap(er) hand grinders, but also entry-level electric coffee grinders and high-end products from brands that have been around for (literally) centuries.

          So what is the best coffee grinder is really a personal matter, but I hope that our list will point you in the right direction. If you want to opt for a traditional burr grinder with a good reputation, choose the Mahlkönig or the Mazzer, for example. If you're not afraid to try something new, choose the Fellow, for example!

          But also look at the intention of the product and your favorite brewing method. That is actually the most important starting point to achieve the best taste!

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