Vakantiekoffie - hoe zorg je voor verhoogd koffiegenot als je niet thuis bent!

Holiday coffee - how to ensure increased coffee enjoyment when you are not at home!

Interesting question, isn't it? Now we are not necessarily the type to take chocolate sprinkles and Dutch cheese with us on holiday, but we do want to be assured of good coffee!

Unfortunately, it is often very disappointing what you encounter on holiday, so in our opinion it is well worth taking a closer look.

Where do you start?

Of course it depends very much on what you are going to do and how you are going there, with the car you can carry more than with the plane.

But a kettle (or whistling kettle) is often present between your camping gear or in your hotel room, that will go a long way!

What's your style?

Espresso style
An important question to start with is what your style of coffee drinking is. Are you used to drinking coffee from a fully or semi-automatic machine and are espressos or cappuccinos really your thing?

Then I would definitely opt for a percolator (also known as Bialetti, Moka Pot, etc.) if you have a (camping) kitchen.

This is more espresso style coffee and you can use it to make great cups of coffee on vacation. It's not big or heavy and apart from the coffee (and possibly a hand grinder) you don't need much more.

With this method, choose a somewhat finer grind and a coffee bean that is suitable for espresso coffees.

Filter style
If you are a fan of filter coffee or slow/drip coffee, you actually have many more options.

A much-chosen method is a Cafetiére / French Press , which many people still have in a kitchen cabinet. Also read our tips on how to make the best coffee with a French Press here in this blog .

Make sure you choose a coarse grind for the French Press and preferably choose a coffee bean that is suitable for filter coffee.

We ourselves are a huge fan of the Aeropress , which is made entirely of plastic and is nice and light in weight. So also super easy to carry.

What is especially useful for us (read: we are a bit clumsy): the Aeropress is virtually unbreakable.

In the Aeropress we use fruity and lightly roasted coffees, such as those from the Filter Brew Box , but you may find another nice local roaster at your destination.

Also nice to try! You can read here how to make the best coffee with the Aeropress.

Do you make your coffee with a Hario V60 anyway and do you pour it manually? Then you can of course also take this lightweight tool with you on vacation. Please note that a plastic Hario V60 can also break, so make sure you pack it well. Read all about the tastiest Hario V60 moves in this blog.

Grind your coffee fresh!

But if you want to make really tasty coffee on holiday, you can make the difference by also freshly grinding yourself just before making coffee.

Ground coffee has already lost more than half of its aromas after 5 minutes (!)

If you have a fully automatic machine or a professional large mill at home, this may be difficult, but maybe you still have one of those old-fashioned mills that you can take with you.

Or the Hario Mini Slim Plus is also a nice compact recommendation if you need a coffee grinder for on-the-go! Entirely plastic, compact and still quite sexy :-)

Pre-ground coffee as plan b

Don't have a hand mill and don't want to invest in one? No problem, we've got you covered!

On our product pages you can also choose a grind for each coffee and we will simply grind the coffee for you! So make sure you choose the right coffee for the right style and the right grind. Then the rest will be all right.

Tell... How do you make your coffee on vacation? How do you like it?