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Choice stress? Order our coffee bean sample pack

If you are new to coffee country, or new to Zwarte Roes, it is advisable to taste some different coffees before ordering too large quantities of a specific coffee. That is why we have put together the test package .

Most times, orders before 3 p.m. are delivered the next day! So you never have to wait long :-)

Determine your brewing method

For most coffee drinkers, the regular sample pack with 4 x 250 grams is a good choice. This is currently being delivered to your home for free!

If you are a fan of very special light roast coffees such as slow coffee , then choose the Filter Brew Box . This package also includes shipping, contains 2 x 250 grams and therefore simply fits through the letterbox.

In this handy overview we provide a little more information about our different brewing methods:

Which coffee beans are in the sample pack

Our sample pack contains 4 x 250 gram packs of the most popular coffees of the moment. Often these are at least the Blend No1, the Brazil Special (currently Brasil Fazenda do Lobo), the Colombia Giraldo and the Ethiopia Sidamo . If you have a very specific preference; feel free to let us know! Everything is possible :-)

Would you rather just order one type of coffee? Then quickly go to our coffee shop.

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