koffie in kerstmaal

5 ways to festively incorporate coffee into your Christmas meal!

We can say that it was an unforgettable year, but unfortunately not always in a positive form. This year has been an intense year for many people and you notice this in the need for celebrating Christmas. Very early this year, beautiful Christmas trees were sparkling in the house and people started (online) shopping. You have to do something, don't you?!

We would like to help you make your Christmas meal (in a small circle) even more festive than usual. In the Netherlands we are not very used to incorporating coffee into our food, but here I would like to share 5 ways to incorporate (tasty) coffee into your Christmas meal in a festive way!

1. As a welcome drink

espresso martini

Unpack and serve a super fancy Espresso Martini as a welcome drink. You immediately imagine yourself in a luxury club :-). I previously shared the recipe for this in this blog.

Do you prefer an alcohol-free variant? Then the Espresso Tonic can also be a surprising display! Read here how to prepare an Espresso Tonic.

Both look super luxurious, don't they?

2. In the main dish

You don't see coffee in your food very often, but a few years ago my father made a delicious creamy risotto with strong espresso as a base. I was immediately sold! When I googled here I couldn't find much about it yet, so it will certainly be unique! Espresso gives a nice earthy taste to the risotto. Here you will find a unique recipe for risotto with espresso on the green egg.

3. For dessert

You often come across coffee in desserts, so perhaps this option is the most obvious. There are of course many more options such as (homemade) coffee ice cream or other creative combinations, but in this blog I will discuss my favorites: Affogatto (super simple) and Tiramisu (slightly less simple, but totally worth it of course! ).

3.1 Affogatto

This dessert is so simple! It just requires good strong coffee and good ice cream, and good timing. Simply put, it comes down to serving a nice scoop of ice cream or vanilla ice cream in a nice glass and a perfect espresso. The eater / guest can pour it together themselves. Serve with a spoon :-). Read more about Affogatto here or about the perfect espresso here !

3.2 Tiramisu

On this website (where I occasionally try a delicious baking recipe myself) you will find a funny combination of tiramisu (or really with fresh and perfect espresso of course) and spice nuts! Of course it fits perfectly in this time, so it seemed like a suitable recipe to me.

3.3 In addition to or in combination with your digestif

Or simply serve an old-fashioned cup of delicious coffee as desired to end the meal, whether or not in combination with a digestif. An Irish Coffee or another tasty liqueur in your coffee can never hurt! ;-)