4 Best Coffee Beans for French Press

Best Coffee Beans for French Press

Are you ready to take your love of coffee to the next level with the French Press? Awesome! In this blog post we dive into our own collection of specialty coffee beans that will transform your morning ritual. You will be introduced to the French Press and we will show you how to make the very best coffee with it.

How does the French Press work?

The French Press, also known as cafetière, is an uncomplicated yet elegant brewing method that has enchanted coffee lovers for decades. It is an easy way to make rich and aromatic coffee. Start by adding coarsely ground coffee to the French Press, then pour hot water over it and let it steep for a while. After the coffee and water have mixed, slowly push the plunger down. This process ensures a delicious cup of coffee with a full taste and aroma. Et voilà, pure coffee magic!

Beginner mistakes with the French Press

We all make mistakes, right? Too fine a grind, over-extraction, or the wrong water temperature can seriously spoil your perfect cup of coffee. It's like performing a dance with the coffee beans, where every movement influences the final taste. So, experiment, laugh at the mistakes and get a little better at making your ideal cup of coffee every day. Now, on to the beans!

1: Colombia Giraldo

This single-origin medium+ roast from Giraldo, Colombia pays tribute to the beginnings of Zwarte Roes. It marks the very beginning at the end of 2017 and our idea of ​​what an espresso should be. The washed Colombian coffee delivers a pure taste with a robust character that deserves its place on its own or with milk. Rich with notes of chocolate and red fruit in the aftertaste that you can still taste hours later, so you know why you got out of bed that morning.

2: Blend No. 1

The absolute winner from the Zwarte Roes collection, the Blend No1 . Appreciated for its accessibility, versatility and surprising taste experience. A blend born from the desire to create a coffee that is a treat for every coffee type and coffee lover. The chocolate undertone of the Capricornio together with the rich and slightly fruity Giraldo create a harmony of the most beautiful flavors. Enjoy it as pure espresso, latte or cappuccino. A real pleasure to drink.

3: Brazil Capricornio

Discover our classic: Brasil Capricornio coffee beans - the epitome of class and refinement. Exclusively sourced and roasted for the discerning espresso lover like you. Get ready for a flavorful adventure where the bitter aftertaste is just a distant memory.

The Capricornio is the perfect espresso coffee. Enjoy its delicious pure espresso and experience its excellence as a cappuccino or latte. With notes of chocolate, a hint of sweetness and a nutty aftertaste, this coffee offers pleasure all day long.

4: La Obstiniada - Blend

Experience the irresistible taste of La Obstinada , a quirky coffee that will surprise your taste buds. This unique blend combines the rich, full body of a classic espresso with a subtle, sweet aftertaste of tamarind, making it the perfect coffee for any occasion.

Whether you start the day with a cappuccino, enjoy a soft Americano or a creamy espresso, La Obstinada provides a unique taste experience that you will not soon forget.


Hopefully you are as excited about these beans as we are. Use your French Press with one of these toppers and upgrade your coffee game. Which coffee beans are your favorite?