4 reasons why your coffee sometimes tastes so watery

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Coffee lovers, we've all had a cup of coffee that wasn't satisfying at all. It's like drinking coffee-flavored water. How is it possible that some coffee tastes so watery? I will tell you; it's super easy to fix, as long as you know what the cause is. That's why I'm going to tell you here the 4 most common reasons why coffee sometimes tastes so watery.

The brewing time is too short

It's possible that you're a coffee maker who's a little too eager to speed up your morning to the point where it rushes the coffee through the filter like it's a pit stop.

If you brew your coffee too quickly, you will end up with a watery and weak tasting coffee. The true flavor of coffee is revealed when the brewing time and extraction are optimal.

The solution? Give coffee time! A longer brewing time means that the coffee can be in contact with the water for longer and this gives the flavors more time to develop optimally.

Coffee water ratio is not balanced

Ever followed a recipe but missed the mark? It's the same with coffee; the ratio of water to coffee is crucial. If you use too little coffee for the amount of water, you will get a kind of coffee-tea. You can vaguely taste that you are drinking coffee, but this is not that nice full cup of coffee you dreamed about.

The Golden Rule? For optimal coffee I always use a coffee to water ratio of 1:15.

Your water is too cold

It sounds logical, but your coffee can taste watery because you are literally using watery water. Water that is not at the right temperature cannot extract the maximum flavor from the coffee extraction. Too hot and it can become bitter, too cold and it tastes like it's not really awake.

What to do? Make sure your water is at least 93 degrees Celsius (and maximum 96) to get that perfect extraction!

The pressure is too low

Espresso lovers, listen up! If your espresso machine does not provide the correct pressure, your coffee may leak too quickly and deliver a watery espresso. Espresso is all about pressure. If pressure cannot be built up, the water will flow through the coffee too quickly. And that's what you don't want!

How to fix this? Grind your coffee finer. The finer the coffee is ground, the more pressure you create. This way you ultimately get a better and fuller extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does instant coffee taste watery?

In a world where instant solutions are king, it's no wonder that instant coffee sometimes has a taste of convenience that just doesn't want to become an acquired taste. With instant coffee, you don't have the luxury of time for extraction, which results in, you guessed it, a watery coffee experience.

Why this is so? Instant coffee is designed to be fast, but you sacrifice the taste of your coffee.

Why does my Cold Brew taste watery?

Super tasty in the summer, but cold brew coffee has to be taken seriously. If you are an overzealous barista and simply let the coffee rest in the water for too short a time, you will miss all the beautiful flavors and end up with a bland cup of coffee.

What to do? Let your coffee steep in the refrigerator for about 18 hours for deep, rich flavors.

Why is the coffee from my quick filter machine watery?

If your quick filter coffee tastes weak and watery, it could be that the grind of the coffee is causing the water to run through it too quickly, without giving it a chance to fully extract.

The fix? Try a finer grind to maximize contact with the water and increase brewing time for a richer flavor.


The search for the perfect coffee is like an ode to life, a balance between time, substance and love. Hopefully these tips will ensure that your morning ritual produces the perfect, tasty coffee every time. No more weakness for you, only coffee that really touches you!