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Which coffee beans should I choose?

Once you've stepped into the world of specialty coffee , you won't just get out of here. At the same time, a lot of new terms and facts come to you that you may not have heard of before. We also regularly receive questions about various topics. For example; what is the brewing advice of a coffee bean? Which coffee beans should I choose in my situation? We think it is very important that everyone can choose the coffee that suits them best.

Be open to it and choose a sample pack

In response to the question of which coffee beans to choose if you are new, we always recommend a sample pack. Sometimes you think you know what you like, but when you taste it in practice and open yourself completely to the new and surprising flavors, it turns out to be very different. In the webshop you will find different types of sample packs.

Fresh is best

Firstly, it is important to always buy fresh coffee. So if there is a 'best before…..' label on the packaging, you are already going wrong. It is better to look at the date on which the coffee was roasted. From 24 hours after up to and including 6-8 weeks, the coffee is at its best. Do the math!

Brewing advice

With most coffees we have added advice about which brewing method we would use for this specific coffee bean. For example, we often have at least 2 specials that have a light roast profile and are of super high quality. We really only recommend this for pouring / slow coffee .

Most other coffees are suitable for fully automatic and semi-automatic machines. So actually the most used in the form of espressos / americanos / cappuccinos.

In this blog we give some more advice for a beginner in coffee country!