Why you should (or shouldn't) choose a Sage!

Choosing saga
You have probably noticed that we have been offering the super cool line of Sage Coffee Machines for a while now. We are very enthusiastic about it ourselves and therefore have one on the premises.
Why we are so enthusiastic I share with you in this blog, so you can decide for yourself whether this is something for you or not.
In essence, it means that Sage espresso machines bring the coffee from your favorite place to your home!
On the one hand, this is because those delicious coffees often come from a semi-automatic machine, but a semi-automatic machine is often not that simple to operate.

Fully automatic vs semi-automatic coffee machine

That is why a fully automatic machine (such as a Jura) is often very popular for the home. They are also very nice machines, but you cannot influence as many variables with them as with a semi-automatic.
For example, you often only have 3 grinding settings and you cannot properly influence how many grams of coffee or water come out of your machine.
With a semi-automatic machine you can influence all variables if you know what you are doing. And because a semi-automatic machine cannot simply be operated 1,2,3, Sage has designed a matching espresso machine line for it.
From simple to extensive, depending on how you would like to do it, there is also a suitable machine for you!
sage espresso machine

Which Sage model should you choose

There are machines that are purely a good semi-automatic (such as the Sage Dual Boiler ), which can make delicious coffee in combination with a coffee grinder.
But most machines, from the Sage Barista Express onwards, have an integrated grinder. This saves space in your kitchen and ultimately in your wallet, because a good grinder can be quite expensive.
There are even machines in the Sage line that can froth milk perfectly and automatically, or texturize it as they call it so beautifully :-).
Among others, the Sage Barista Touch and the Sage Oracle Touch can do this, and the latter can even automatically tamp (tamp in the portafilter) at perfect pressure.
Because yes, even that is a profession in its own right!
See a handy overview here:
sage comparison


So there is really a lot possible in the land of Sage Espresso machines, and the nice thing is that they are really focused on the fact that you prefer to use only freshly roasted specialty coffee beans in their machines.
Because this is ultimately so much better for your machine (and your stomach, by the way), they also offer many online coffee meetings to transfer knowledge about making the perfect coffee.
What is also not entirely unimportant is that we are very happy with the cooperation and they are also very accommodating about service and warranty. Sage is apparently on a mission, just like us.
And coincidentally, our missions fit well together and can reinforce each other :-). The price-quality ratio is really good at Sage.
If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].