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UPGRADE your home office with better(!) coffee!

The Corona situation does not seem to be improving very much yet. We are all advised to still work from home as much as possible for the time being.

This will be easier for some than for others, but impossible for some. a

If you can work from home, you've probably been pimping your home office lately.

Maybe you even already have upgraded equipment or a small office layout...

But still... You have little or no physical contact with your colleagues, you have a lot of distractions from children or other housemates and you don't have a real break with colleagues to catch up...

You might even miss the nice lunch or the good coffee beans from the office!

All the more reason to treat yourself a little bit and at least provide a nutritious lunch and good coffee :-)

Good beans

Of course we no longer have to explain to you that it starts with the right beans. And you probably know that we can deliver it...

To see which coffee beans are right up your alley, we always recommend a sample pack . Different coffees can be expressed differently in each brewing method!

How do I make the coffee myself?

Fortunately, there are many ways to make good coffee. And if you don't have a suitable machine or tools at home to make the very best home office coffee: pay attention! :-)

  • A small bean machine

This is perhaps also the brewing method you are used to from the office and also the easiest way to make fresh coffee.

The grinder is built into this machine, so your coffee beans are always freshly ground before brewing.

You can have these machines for at home from € 249, such as a Melitta Caffeo Solo that makes more than excellent fresh coffee. Of course we can advise you on a machine that suits your needs and budget.

  • Make your own slow coffee

Admittedly, it's a bit more work than pressing the button like with a bean machine.

But sometimes a quiet coffee is also a welcome distraction to set your mind to zero as a break.

Making ' slow coffee ' yourself with, for example, a Hario V60 , Chemex or Aeropress is easier than you might think, super tasty and a lot cheaper than with an extensive machine.

Grind your beans nice and fresh with, for example, a small hand mill and pour manually with our instructions in the blogs .

  • Order pre-ground coffee

As you know, we do not recommend pre-grinding coffee. But we understand very well that if you don't currently have a coffee grinder (or plans to buy one) and you still want a coffee upgrade because you're home a lot, sometimes it's your best option!

Fortunately, since the start of the Corona crisis, we also offer ground coffee. When ordering, you can choose beans or a specific grind for the product... An excellent intermediate solution as far as we're concerned!

How have you upgraded your home office in this area? If you need advice, let us know!