Nicaragua Santa Teresa

An ode to (Santa) Teresa

Photo credits: This Side Up

Our partner This Side Up imported Nicaraguan coffees from 2015 to 2018 (which are really heavenly!), but unfortunately had to stop doing so due to mismanagement from their export partner and then completely withdrew from the country. That has changed since this year!

They have been brought into contact with export partner Café Vidita, run by Rina and René. Vidita means 'little life' in Spanish and was inspired by the 97 year old founder René Sr.

He named the mother of Rina and René (jr) that way, whose real name is Carolina. Café Vidita is working with 3 farms this harvest year, and Café Vidita ensures the correct processing of the green coffee.

From commercial grade to specialty grade

The third generation running this export company used to sell all their coffee to “Big Coffee”, but after one of the owners saw with their own eyes what actually happened to their carefully harvested coffee, they were shocked.

“They were really not paying attention to details. I said to myself: this coffee doesn't represent my country, and we decided to do something about it.”

The results of their inevitable actions became very clear when the coffee processed in their processing station won several international competitions and started selling as 'specialty coffee'.

According to Rina, Nicaraguan coffee can be the best in the world! Rina and René are convinced that they are on the right track to offer the best of the best that this country can offer to buyers.


In addition to fair prices for green coffee and good wages in a region where it is very difficult to make ends meet, the family is committed to healthy ecosystems and a well-thought-out production system.

Given the country's history, it would have been very easy to give up coffee production. We admire their perseverance!

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is one of the farms that supplies green coffee to this export partner. This is also the farm where our Nicaragua Santa Teresa comes from!

This specific estate gives a certain special feeling and is situated on the edge of the Mogotón (a mountain range in Nicaragua).

The soil is sandy and loamy, and the variety of shade trees combined with the unique misty microclimate proved to be the perfect conditions for quality coffee.

Fun fact is that this all started out of curiosity when Silvio Sanchez Orellana and his mother Maritza bought this piece of land and decided to dedicate their lives to coffee in 2012.

The name of the farm, Santa Teresa, originated from the name of Silvio's grandmother: Teresa Orellana. In Silvio's own words she was: “strong, hard-working woman, a bit angry, that taught all of us how to work”.

Silvio is mainly concerned with managing the best processes and Maritza makes sure that the workers get a good meal and therefore cooks for everyone!

With the beautiful flavors of mandarin, jasmine and caramel, we think it's the perfect autumn filter special. Have you already tasted it? Watch it here !