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It is the month of the specials, because at the same time as the Ethiopia Mansur al Hiykam , we are launching a very special coffee from Costa Rica.

A true unique, because this is the very first 'honey processed' coffee from Zwarte Roes and the very first coffee from Costa Rica.


In 2006, 9 coffee producers in San Isidro de León Cortez started working together and started their own Micro-mill: Unio de Cafetaleros (Undecaf).

Both the Micro-mill and the affiliated coffee farms are situated in the famous Tarrazú Mountains (pronounced Tar-rah-zoo).

This area is also known as "Los Santos" because the local villages are named after different saints .

This area has an extremely suitable climate for high quality coffee!

Coffee drying bedTruck

Sustainable coffee

The Undecaf organization strives to produce the best possible coffee in the region, but they also have great secondary sustainability goals.

In this way they optimize the available renewable resources in the area and minimize the environmental impact of their coffee production.

For example, the Micro-Mill has recently undergone a clean energy transition in which they have installed 60 solar panels and a small wind turbine.

Curious? Pre-order the Costa Rica Palmera in advance!

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This story is related to product Costa Rica Palmera .