de juiste boon kiezen voor beginners

New to coffee world? Here 5 tips!

Awesome! You have a new hobby. Coffee is really one of the nicest hobbies, if we say so ourselves.

What's even more fun is that the coffee world is really endless! You might not expect it when you step off the red brand from the supermarket, but there really is a lot of coffee in the world.

So, coffee newbie… Where do you start? Which bean do you choose if you are a beginner in coffee world? How do you set this? In this blog we share 5 tips.

1. Switch to freshly ground coffee as soon as possible.

You may still have doubts in the beginning because you have to buy a coffee grinder right away.

But unless you go for a fully automatic coffee machine (see point 2), this is always handy and always recommended! Ground coffee has already lost more than half of its aromas after 5 minutes…

A waste of the beautiful coffee bean!

We love to grind the coffee, but our advice is always to grind your beans fresh if possible, this benefits the quality of your final cup of coffee and therefore makes a huge difference in all brewing methods!

2. Making your coffee.

Okay. The coffee bean is ultimately very important, but it must match your brewing method.

So if you're wondering which bean to choose, first think about how you're going to brew it. Do you want to run the bean through your regular quick filter? Are you going to pour old-fashioned (and new-fangled, by the way!)?

Or have you purchased a nice bean machine? Maybe you even go all the way and have a semi-automatic / piston machine in your kitchen!

Ultimately, any bean will work for any brewing method, but you may have or develop a preference. Z

o we prefer to drink a lightly roasted, fruity coffee with a Hario V60 or Aeropress (filter style). And we prefer to drink a somewhat fuller coffee like espresso.

3. What are your current judgments about coffees you have tasted in your life?

Think carefully about how you feel about coffee so far. The coffee at work, at home, with your parents, in that one café... Do you often find it a bit bitter, sour, weak or much too strong?

This says a lot about your taste buds and if you respond to that you can often find a nice match between the coffee and you!

  • Suppose you don't like fruity at all (or sour or acidity or whatever you want to call it) then I would advise you to go for a Brazilian coffee with not too much complexity. For example, the Brazil Mogiana Gold in our current range would be suitable for this.
  • Suppose it can't be fruity enough for you - then definitely try a nice Ethiopian coffee !
  • Do you want to sit somewhere in between? Then choose a Colombian topper. This South American coffee often has a nice balance between earthy flavors (cocoa, nuts, etc.) and fruity tones due to the (usually) higher growth!

The descriptions of the coffees in our range also contain flavor profiles. Look at this, but don't stare blindly at it. Everyone experiences flavors slightly differently!

4. Choose a sample pack!

Aren't you averse to tickling your taste buds and are you open to everything? Then simply opt for a complete sample pack with different flavours. Here you will find our sample pack with 4 x 250 gram bags . Try, taste and judge for yourself!

5. Learn and become a real pro barista!

Have you found the right bean yet? On our blog you will find many useful tips and tricks on how to make the very best cup of coffee with various methods such as the Hario V60 , the Chemex , the Aeropress , a semi-automatic (perhaps the most difficult way!) and a fully automatic machine .

It can make so much of a difference that I really recommend you take a closer look. Small aspects such as water temperature, for example, can have a major impact!

If you still can't figure it out, just send us a message at [email protected] . We are happy to advise you! :-)