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The story behind: Colombia Giraldo

This story is related to the Colombia Giraldo product.


The region is traditionally a guerrilla area, which has made it inaccessible for decades. The conflict has lasted about 60 years and the local population has suffered greatly.

Mainly because they were always between rival groups (guerrillas, para-militaries and the army).

It was only when peace negotiations began in 2012 that the FARC withdrew and the area was able to open up to outside influences and economic developments.

Our importer settled here in 2018 and campaigned for better education and coffee prices for coffee farmers. This has contributed to more stable incomes in the region.

A great development for an area with a raw past, and more than beautiful specialty coffees as a result!

Quality and price

These Colombian coffee beans come from a collecting station in which various lots are composed by combining coffees from different farmers with the same quality.

This gives coffee farmers in the region the opportunity to sell the lower quality coffee beans separately through other channels, allowing them to capture a better price for their highest quality batches.

Every batch has to be done again and again cupped and assessed by our importer.

This is a lot of work but guarantees quality and consistency.

Coffee farmers can also offer their trade to other competing stations, but at this station they receive a bonus on top of the market price in exchange for transparency and quality control.

Environment and surroundings

Our importer works on environmental aspects together with national and international partners Parque Nacional del Nevado De Huila.

Many coffee farmers are located in this zone and therefore everything is done to restore nature as much as possible. Among other things, there will be eco washers installed, which reduces the amount of wastewater that ends up in the rivers.

Coffee farmers themselves must also make a small contribution to this. Together with local environmental organization FUSAMDES, a training program has also been set up on reforestation, composting with micro-organisms and planting new coffee varieties for commercial purposes.

This story is related to the product Colombia Giraldo .