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The Fazenda

The Fazenda is located in Ibiraci, Mogiana (Minas Gerais area) and has been owned by the Vilhena Faleiros family for many years . At present, the farm is owned by Mr. Laerce França Faleiros and sons.

Here they have been producing coffee crops for more than 70 years. It is thought that the region would be privileged compared to others given the geographical conditions of the farm.

Especially the area of ​​Alta Mogiana has an ideal microclimate due to the suitable height and the presence of nearby waters. This creates more flavor!

The farm is 256 hectares, of which 180 hectares are covered with coffee plants. The oldest crops were planted as far back as 1940 and are still active.

There are large quantities organic fertilizers are produced, which are used to feed the plants.

The aim is to keep the soil's microbial life and fertility well balanced. The farm has a number of employees and the family continuously invests in the training and development of their team.

Environmentally friendly

The coffee beans of this fazenda are grown and harvested in an environmentally friendly way. For the most part, the process is done manually and the entire process takes place on the farm itself.

The processing method Pulped Natural is also very environmentally friendly, read here more about in this blog.

This story is related to product Brazil Mogiana Gold