Brasil Fazenda do Lobo

The story behind: Brasil Fazenda do Lobo

This story is about the Brasil Fazenda do Lobo product.


Fazenda do Lobo, literally farm of the wolf . This is the name of the farm where this beastly coffee comes from. The endangered Lobo-Guara ( maned wolf ) has been spotted on this farm and the farm owes its name to it. So very special!

This fazenda is run by Andrea (4th generation coffee farmer) and Marcos and their two sons. Their modern approach ensures a sustainable way of farming that has already won several certificates (UTZ, Rainforest Alliance). In short, a partner that fits in seamlessly with our vision. And it brings us one step closer to our mission; 100% sustainable coffee for everyone.

Nice detail, ladies play a major role in the precise farm work on this fazenda!

Environment and environment

Climate change has a major impact on coffee farmers. Because the temperatures rise during the day in combination with night frost, the quality of coffee changes. Sustainability and the ecosystem are of paramount importance to the Foresti family. They have already taken a big step by investing in a solar system for energy supply to the entire farm, which will all be equipped with LED lighting.

30% of the farm is protected area and they take good care of this by prohibiting hunting and fishing. There are 6 protected springs, 5 of which are located in the coffee area. This water is analyzed annually. There are minimal pesticides used and all coffee processing is done according to Rainforest Alliance standards. In addition to the fact that all waste is separated and reused as much as possible, the water from the coffee processing is also reused. Read more here coffee processing processes .


Unfortunately, the income is from the farm not enough to make ends meet for the whole family and Marcos has to hold down a job off the farm. High production costs and price fluctuations are a big challenge!

The family is busy improving the quality to increase the financial result. Our importer is happy to pay bonuses on top of the market prices for the good quality and has good expectations for the future harvests. They also support the farm in improving quality processes for the long term.

This story is related to the product Brasil Fazenda do Lobo .