Brasil Capricornio Direct Trade Specialty coffee

The story behind: Brasil Capricornio

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Since this year, the Brasil Mogiana Gold has been replaced by the Brasil Capricornio. A comparable taste profile and the same region, but from a different supplier.

We buy this coffee from partner the good middle man : This Side Up , as seen in the episode De Prijsknaller about coffee, from KRO NCRV.

Luiz Saldanha manages the 20 affiliated farms that are part of Capricornio. Luiz and his partners founded Capricornio to revitalize some regions in the southern states of Paraná and São Paolo.

Until the 1960s, these regions were one of the largest coffee-producing regions in the country.

As a result of severe frost and the emergence of the major coffee regions in the north, coffee production stagnated. Because of this, many farmers threw in the towels and left their farms behind.

Climate change has suddenly made these regions attractive to farmers again.

The farmer partners received help from the organization to turn their farms into modern, environmentally sustainable farms and process their coffee to the highest standards.

Due to the unique low latitude (around the Tropic of Capricornio ( Capricornio) at 23ºS), the coffee has more to endure while growing. This leads to slow-ripened berries, which in turn leads to an interesting flavor profile.

brasil capricornio direct trade this side upbrasil capricornio direct trade specialty coffeebrasil capricornio direct trade specialty coffee

Luiz the scientist

Luiz is a visionary agronomic scientist and CQI Q-grader - and a coffee farmer who combines working with nature with state-of-the-art (myco)biological and scientific knowledge.

This is pretty special! In addition, he believes in sharing this knowledge with the world to create equal opportunities for coffee farmers everywhere.

In the Paraná and São Paulo region, aggregations of more than 10 nutrient-enhancing crops are planted, mixed with 'friendly' fungi that replace many chemical fertilizers. So the soil is really alive here.

Ecological Sustainability

Collaborating and sharing knowledge pays off in several ways. Organization Capricornio significantly reduces the ecological footprint of all their 20 partner farmers: they help them create water-efficient mills , implement wastewater treatment technologies, optimize all coffee processes and reduce CO2 emissions.

They also encourage the use of organic manure, energy-efficient machines and irrigation systems.

The coffee: Brasil Capricornio

With taste notes of hazelnut, black cherry and chocolate you can rightfully call this coffee a classic. Not too crazy, but of super high and consistent quality. This Brasil Capricornio is also used in our blends. This coffee grows at 450 - 1200 m and scores 84.5 points on the SCA Score!