The secret of the perfect coffee corner at home

Coffee corner at home

Okay, you love coffee. So crazy that you can't be beaten away from your favorite coffee bar. Always looking for that cozy corner with the best cup of coffee. Yes, of course you've seen them pass by, those beautiful coffee corners in people's homes, but where do you start now?

I made this article especially for you with everything you need to think about for that cool coffee corner at your home. Get inspired and maybe you will have a dream coffee corner at home this weekend.

Inspiration for your coffee corner

Before we start with a plan of action, we will first orient ourselves on which accessories a coffee corner at home should have and which style you like. Get inspired and decide how your favorite coffee corner will be.

Accessories coffee corner

A coffee corner can of course look very cool, but first of all you need some essential accessories to be able to make the very best coffee in your coffee corner. Here are the must-haves you will definitely need:

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Get inspired with the following styles for a coffee corner

Sleek and Modern

Coffee corner tight

Cozy & retro

Cozy coffee corner

Create your own coffee corner

Yes finally, I'm going to tell you how I made my perfect coffee corner at home in 5 simple steps that I still enjoy every day.

Step 1: The perfect location

You want your coffee corner to stand out for your guests, but not to get in the way. In addition, it is super handy if you are close to a tap, because you simply use a lot of water when making coffee.

The perfect location is therefore the first important step in building your own coffee corner at home.

Step 2: What's Your Style?

Coffee corner

What makes your heart beat faster? A retro look or a super sleek finished style? Determine in advance which way you want to go with your coffee corner and how it fits in with the rest of your home.

This also helps enormously in choosing your accessories and equipment. For example, do you go for a retro espresso machine or do you opt for a sleek matte black La Marzocco ?

All things that you have to think about in advance to make your coffee corner shine!

Step 3: The Coffee Machine

The coffee machine must of course match the style of your coffee corner. Are you going for a piston/espresso machine or would you rather opt for a fully automatic machine? Or do you go all the way with the slow coffee trend and only pour your coffee manually?

Step 4: The perfect tableware

The perfect tableware

Now you have to choose whether you go for traditional espresso cups or rather for retro cups. Whatever your style, you can go either way here. For example, take a look at these cool cups from Jorian's coffee corner.

Step 5: A board with your specials

Plate with coffees

Show everyone your specialties! It is of course super fun to show with a plate which coffees you can make in your coffee corner at home. Do you need a little inspiration? View all coffee types explained here.


Creating the perfect coffee corner at home starts with inspiration and determining your favorite style. With the right accessories and equipment, you can create a great coffee experience in your own home. It's important to start by choosing the perfect location so that your coffee nook is both eye-catching and functional. Think carefully about which style suits you and how it fits in with the rest of your home.

Choosing the right coffee machine is essential and should match the style of your coffee corner. Whether you go for a piston / espresso machine, a fully automatic machine or the manual slow coffee trend, there is something for everyone.

Don't forget the dishes either. You can opt for traditional espresso cups or retro cups, depending on your preference and style. Make it personal and unique.

Finally, let your guests know which delicious coffees you can prepare in your own coffee corner. Place a board with your specialties on it so everyone can enjoy the variety you have to offer.

With these five simple steps you can create your perfect coffee corner at home that you can enjoy every day. So get started, get inspired and turn your home into the ultimate coffee paradise!