The journey of the coffee bean: from plant to cup of coffee

from coffee cherry to cup of coffee

The fascinating journey of the coffee bean is a story that begins in distant, exotic lands and ends in our daily cup of coffee. This journey is not only geographical, but also a transformation process in which the raw, green beans turn into the dark brown coffee beans we know.

This process, the journey of the coffee bean from plant to cup, is an interplay of nature, technology and craftsmanship. In this blog post we will delve deeper into the different stages of this journey.

We follow the coffee bean from the coffee plantations in Central and South America, Africa and Asia, through the processing and roasting processes, to ultimately your coffee cup. Discover the complexity and beauty of the coffee bean's journey and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to enjoy this globally popular drink.

Growing coffee: where it all starts

coffee plantation

The journey of the coffee bean: Growing coffee

The journey of the coffee bean begins on the plantations where coffee is grown. Now you may be wondering " where do specialty coffee beans come from ?" The answer lies in the exotic regions of Central and South America, Africa, and Asia where the climate and soil are perfect for growing this precious bean. These areas are known for their volcanic soils, high altitudes, steady rainfall, and warm temperatures – the ideal conditions for growing quality coffee beans.

This first step in the coffee bean's journey requires patience and care. The process starts with planting the coffee cherries in special beds. These small berries are closely monitored and watered regularly until they germinate. Once germinated, the sprouts are transplanted to their own space where they continue to grow until they reach full maturity. This can take up to four years, but it is this dedication and care that allows the final coffee bean to reach its full potential.

Growing coffee is therefore not just a matter of planting and harvesting. It is an art, a science and a craft that requires accuracy, patience and passion. It is the first, crucial step in the fascinating journey of the coffee bean that ultimately ends in our cup of coffee.

Picking the perfect beans: harvesting coffee

coffee processing

After the careful process of growing the coffee plant, the next stage in the coffee bean's journey begins: harvest. This is the moment when the coffee farmer uses his expertise and experience to pick only the ripest beans.

Harvesting coffee is a precise activity. Coffee cherries do not all ripen at the same time, and each bean must be picked at the right time. Too early and the bean has not yet reached its full flavor potential; too late and the bean may become overripe and bitter.

But it is not just a matter of choosing the right moment. Harvesting itself is also an art. The farmer must carefully remove the beans from the plant without damaging the berries or hurting the plant itself. This requires a calm hand and a keen eye for detail.

Harvesting the perfect bean is therefore a crucial part of the coffee bean's journey. Knowledge of the origin of coffee , and an understanding of the unique conditions that each region offers, is essential for achieving a quality harvest. This makes the next step in our journey, processing the beans, possible.

It is this combination of care, skill and knowledge that makes the journey of the coffee bean so fascinating. And it is thanks to this dedication that we can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Browning green beans: coffee roasting explained

coffee roasting

After the careful harvest, the journey of the coffee bean continues to the roasting process. This is where the magic happens, where the green beans develop their rich, brown color and distinctive flavor. Roasting coffee is a delicate art, a balancing act between temperature and time, and it is essential for unlocking the bean's full flavor potential.

A day in the life of a coffee roaster is a perfect illustration of this process. In this blog post, our own coffee roaster, Marvin, takes us through his average working day, starting with the selection of the beans, followed by the precise roasting and ending with the overall quality control. Marvin's dedication to his craft helps continue the journey of the coffee bean, ensuring that every bean is roasted to perfection.

Roasting is a crucial stage in the coffee bean's journey, a phase in which the bean is transformed and reveals its true character. The end result is a delicious bean full of aromas and flavors, ready to be ground and brewed into that perfect cup of coffee. It is this phase that makes the journey of the coffee bean so fascinating - a process of careful transformation that gives every cup of coffee its unique taste.

Grind, brew, sip: Create your morning cup of joy

Once perfectly roasted, the next phase of the coffee bean's journey begins. Grinding the bean opens up a new universe of aromas and flavors, ensuring the ultimate freshness of your cup of coffee. Depending on the brewing method - whether it's espresso, filter coffee, or French press - the grind size can vary from coarse to super fine. This diversity of grind degrees is why coffee is such a personal experience, tailored to the individual taste of the coffee lover.

After grinding comes brewing, the step that brings the coffee bean closer to its ultimate destination - your morning cup of joy. The art of brewing coffee is a delicate dance between the right amount of coffee, the right brewing temperature, and the right brewing time. Every detail counts in this process, and a small variation can make the difference between a good and a perfect cup of coffee.

The final part of the coffee bean's journey is the most satisfying: the sipping. The moment when you put your lips to the warm cup, take the first sip, sniff the rich aromas and truly experience the taste of the coffee bean. This is what the entire journey of the coffee bean has led to - a moment of pure pleasure.

Coffee culture: how your daily cup of coffee connects the world

Your daily cup of coffee tells a story - the story of the journey of the coffee bean. A global journey that starts in the distant countries of Ethiopia, Colombia or Vietnam, to ultimately end up in your cup. This journey is not only fascinating, but also brings us all closer together. Every time we drink a cup of coffee, we become part of a global community - a coffee culture.

Take the Swedish Fika for example . This is a traditional coffee break in Sweden, a daily ritual that revolves around sharing a cup of coffee and a moment of peace with friends, family or colleagues. But Fika is more than just a coffee break. It's an opportunity to pause, reflect and connect – with others and with the world around us. And at the heart of this beautiful tradition is our protagonist - the coffee bean.

So, the next time you sip your morning cup of coffee, take a moment to think about the journey of the coffee bean. Think of the care and effort that went into growing, harvesting, roasting, grinding and brewing that bean. And remember: with every sip you contribute to a global coffee culture, a culture that connects us all.


The story of the coffee bean's journey is intriguing and multifaceted. This journey starts with the selection of the best beans, where coffee farmers, often for generations, carefully choose beans with superior specialty coffee qualities. The bean is then grown with respect and care, often on remote plantations bathed in the ideal climate and soil conditions. After harvest, the beans undergo a process of drying, fermenting and ultimately roasting, which brings out their unique flavors and aromas.

The final part of the coffee bean's journey takes place in our homes, where we prepare the black gold that energizes us and stimulates our senses. This journey, which begins in distant lands and ends in our own cup, reflects the enormous effort, passion and tradition captured in every bean. Every cup of coffee we drink honors this journey and the people who make it possible.

Understanding the journey of the coffee bean enriches our appreciation for this humble yet powerful drink. So, every time we enjoy a cup of coffee, let's reflect on the journey of the coffee bean, which unites us in a common coffee culture and reminds us of the global connections that every sip brings.