Braziliaanse specials uit Mantiqueira de Minas

Brazilian specials from Mantiqueira de Minas

Yes, new coffees in the range. Always great news for us and for our fans. For us, it starts with purchasing.

Comparing tasty flavor profiles alongside beautiful entrepreneurial stories that match the desired quality level.

Then we will experiment with roasting profiles and taste :-).

This time we have 2 new coffees in our assortment. These are the Brasil Senhora Aparecida and the Brasil Amantikir .

The Brasil Senhora Aparecida is a medium roasted coffee for espresso/americano/cappuccino and the Brasil Amantikir is a light medium roasted coffee for filter methods such as Hario V60, Chemex and Aeropress.

Meet the family

Both coffees come from the Sítio Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm. This farm in the Campanha region in the Mantiqueira Mountains in Minas Gerais.

The passionate owners of this farm are Márcia de Jesus Souza Borges and her husband Maurillo (see photo).

They live on the farm with their two children, and funnily enough, their children are just as passionate about specialty coffee as their parents!

They are also open to new experiments with fermentation (read more about processing methods here ) and like to learn more about the specialty coffee industry.

The farm is largely run by the family, apart from a few extra hands during the harvest period. In 2011, they were quite demotivated by circumstances and even considered selling the farm...

Until they entered the Cup of Excellence (a kind of coffee competition) and to their great surprise they became 11th, which is really great of course! Now they aim to win this competition in the coming years and become 1st with their coffee!


Marcia and Maurillo have put their heart and soul into the 8.5 acre farm and truly strive to produce the very best coffee.

Only 250 bales of coffee come from this farm every year, so we are very proud that we were able to get hold of a few :-).

In addition, the farm is Fairtrade certified and they also have a Certifica Minas. They are also in the process of becoming "Organic".

Other incomes

In addition to coffee, they also grow avocados and corn and keep pigs, chickens and fish. This helps the family not to be completely dependent on the coffee income.


This family is more than aware of the extreme climate conditions after experiencing a year of no harvest due to drought.

Therefore, they are happy to have a market that appreciates their quality, which allows them to increase their margins and invest in long-term projects that will benefit both the farm and the environment.

Fun fact: the area 'Mantiqueira de Minas' or the Mantiqueira Mountains owes its name to the native Tupi word 'amantikir' which means 'where the mountains cry'.

This area received a PGI certificate in 2011 for having a special 'sensory profile' that is known for floral and citrus flavors, a full and creamy body, medium acidity and a long, sweet finish.