Reducing waste - part I: DIY facial scrub with coffee!

Your coffee scrub within 5 minutes!

What you can do with coffee grounds... There are so many different purposes for this residual product that I want to devote a series of blogs to it.

As a conscious entrepreneur, we think it is very important to keep looking at our 'ecological footprint' and actually reducing waste is of course a very concrete step...

In this earlier blog I told you more about how you can make conscious choices with coffee.

We'll make coffee anyway... No coffee no workie, right? ;-) Then we might as well do a little more with the waste: coffee grounds in this case.

In part I of this series I'm going to tell you what you can make very simply with this, namely: a face scrub / facial scrub from coffee grounds!

What do you need?

  1. fresh coffee grounds (coffee grounds mold quickly)
  2. an oil of your choice such as olive oil or coconut oil
  3. aloe vera gel (homemade or store bought)

Make your own aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is very easy to make yourself. Of course you can also get a jar from the store, but here you will find a recipe if you have a plant at home.

Preparing DIY Face Scrub

Mix one part coffee grounds (for example a tablespoon) with one part aloe vera gel, and add as much oil as you like. B

Start with a very small splash and see if you want the substance to be firmer or more liquid. Mix everything well together and use it right away.

Apply coffee scrub

When your mixture is ready, you can apply it on your face. With your clean hands, apply a generous layer to your cleansed face.

Let this soak in for a minute or 5-10. Then you can rub it well in an exfoliating way to remove all dead skin cells.

Rinse off and your skin is silky smooth!

Tell... Have you tried it yet?

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