Bold brews and unexpected blends: a complete guide to coffee beer

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Coffee and beer, two of the world's favorite drinks, can be combined into a surprising creation: coffee beer. The basis of coffee beer lies in mixing home-brewed beer and a good coffee cold brew . This unique fusion of bold flavors and unexpected combinations has become an exciting culinary trend.

Get to know the diversity and possibilities of coffee beers, from light blondes to strong porters. Discover how different types of coffee beers are made, such as the delicious combination of a creamy stout with the subtle hint of a fruity coffee, or the refreshing blend of a fruity IPA with the vibrant taste of coffee. Each coffee beer has its own unique character and can pleasantly surprise your taste buds.

Taste the craft brews that will delight your taste buds and delight your senses. Enjoy the rich aromas and complex flavors that come together in a perfectly balanced coffee beer. Whether you are a lover of coffee, beer or both, this fascinating world of coffee beer is sure to enchant you.

What is coffee beer?

Coffee beer is a unique fusion of two of the most beloved drinks in the world: coffee and beer. These innovative brews bring together the aromatic, full-bodied flavor of coffee with the refined, complex character of craft beer. The result is a surprising drink with a rich aroma, a deep color and a distinctive flavor profile that appeals to beer lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

The process of making coffee beer usually starts with a craft beer base - often a stout or porter, but other styles are used - to which cold brew is added after the brewing process. The precise proportions and timing vary depending on the desired flavor results. The end product is a beer that reflects the complexity of its ingredients, with notes of malt, hops and of course coffee.

With its versatile flavor profile and exciting combinations, coffee beer continues to surprise and enliven the beer world. It's a testament to the creativity and innovation that beer brewing has to offer, and a tasting experience you won't want to miss.

The history of coffee beer

The rise of coffee beer is intriguing and full of innovation. It all started in the late '90s, when craft breweries began experimenting with adding coffee to their beers in an effort to create new and exciting flavors.

The first known coffee beer, the "Coffee Stout" from New Glarus Brewing Company in Wisconsin (USA), was released in 1994. The brewery developed a special process in which freshly ground coffee beans were added to the brew during the last minutes of the cooking process. The result was a stout with a distinctive coffee flavor and aroma that amazed the beer world.

Since then, countless breweries around the world have refined and evolved the art of coffee beer, each time pushing boundaries and creating surprising combinations. Today, coffee beer is a respected and popular category within the craft beer world, with a rich and diverse range of styles, flavors, and aromas. The journey of coffee beer is one of creativity, experimentation and passion, similar to the journey of a good cup of coffee itself.

How do you make coffee beer?

Brewing coffee beer is an exciting endeavor that appeals to coffee lovers and beer enthusiasts alike. While the process may vary slightly depending on the specific recipe and personal preference, there are some basic steps that are typically followed.

It all starts with a base beer, usually a stout or porter because of their robust flavors that pair well with coffee. A type of coffee is then chosen that will add the desired taste and aroma to the beer. The coffee can be introduced into the brewing process in various ways.

Some brewers choose to add whole beans directly to the brew, while others grind the beans or opt for cold brew coffee. The timing of adding the coffee is also crucial and can greatly influence the end result. Adding coffee in the final minutes of the cooking process, just as New Glarus Brewing Company did with their groundbreaking Coffee Stout, will provide a stronger coffee flavor and aroma.

It is important to note that there is no 'right' way to brew coffee beer. It's a process of experimenting, tasting and adjusting until you find the perfect balance that tickles your taste buds. The most important thing is to have fun during the process and enjoy the adventure of creating your own unique version of coffee beer.

Combining coffee beer with food

Coffee beer is not only a delicious drink in itself, but it can also be a great addition to various dishes. The combination of the rich flavors of coffee and beer can provide an interesting culinary experience. Here are some suggestions for pairing coffee beer with food:

  1. Desserts: Coffee beer can go perfectly with chocolate desserts, such as chocolate cake, brownies or chocolate ice cream. The deep flavor of the coffee beer is a delicious addition to the sweetness of the chocolate.
  2. Cheese boards: Try pairing coffee beer with different types of cheese, such as blue cheese, aged cheddar or goat cheese. The flavor of coffee beer can accentuate the creaminess and complexity of the cheese.
  3. Grilled meats: Coffee beer can be a great accompaniment to grilled meats, such as steak, burgers or pork. The robust and complex flavor of the coffee beer can be a nice complement to the savory flavor of the meat.
  4. Dishes with caramel: Try combining coffee beer with dishes that contain caramel, such as caramel custard, caramel biscuits or caramel toffees. The coffee flavor of the beer can emphasize the sweetness of the caramel.
  5. Spicy dishes: Coffee beer can also go well with spicy dishes, such as spicy chicken wings, chili peppers or spicy curries. The taste of the beer can balance the spiciness and be refreshing.

Experiment and discover for yourself which combinations tickle your taste buds. Coffee beer offers endless possibilities to combine with different dishes and can be a great addition to culinary adventures. Enjoy exploring the versatility of coffee beer and discovering new flavor combinations!


Coffee beer is not only a pleasure to drink, but it also opens the door to a world of culinary combinations. Its ability to enhance the flavors of different dishes makes it a versatile partner in the kitchen, from desserts to spicy meals. The roasted notes and depth of coffee beer can bring out even the subtlest flavors in dishes.

So the next time you open a bottle of coffee beer, think not only of the pleasure of drinking it, but also of the culinary adventures it can accompany. Discover the versatility of coffee beer, don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations and remember that the best pairings often come from surprising discoveries. Cheers to a wonderful journey of discovery!