Chemex vs. Bodum Pour Over - Comparison


Who doesn't know him?! The elegant Chemex coffee maker. A real eye-catcher in your kitchen and coffee corner. You also have the Bodum Pour Over coffee maker, which is very similar to the Chemex, only about half the price. What are the similarities or differences between this beautiful coffee maker? This comparison between two iconic manual coffee brewing methods – the Chemex and the Bodum Pour Over – reveals a world of nuances for those who enjoy the process as much as the product itself. Let's dive in!

The similarities: a summary

  1. Design:

    • Both are manual coffee brewing systems.
    • They are designed with attention to both aesthetics and functionality.
    • The glassware of both devices is of high quality.

  2. To make coffee:

    • Both systems use the Pour Over method.
    • They offer the ability to manage and adjust coffee extraction during the brewing process.
    • Although there are differences in precise pour control, both are capable of producing delicious coffee.

  3. Quality of the coffee:

    • Both systems deliver high-quality coffee.
    • They offer options for brewing coffee with different flavor profiles depending on the beans and the brewing process.

  4. Materials and durability:

    • Both coffee brewing systems are designed to last a long time.
    • They use high-quality materials that can withstand repeated use and regular maintenance.

The biggest differences: a summary

  1. Design:

    • Chemex: Bauhaus flow, wooden collar, leather strap, thick filters, laboratory quality glassware.
    • Bodum Pour About: Modern, minimalist, stainless steel frame, heat-resistant glass.

  2. To make coffee:

    • Chemex: Thicker filter for cleaner coffee, large hexagonal design for precision pouring and extraction regulation.
    • Bodum Pour Over: Slightly smaller openings, less precise control over flow rate, simpler process.

  3. Flavor profile:

    • Chemex: Lighter, more floral, subtle flavors, less greasy and acidic, tea-like and bright.
    • Bodum Pour Over: Fuller body, more complexity, retains more natural oils and compounds, softer texture.

  4. Maintenance and clean-up:

    • Chemex: Sometimes requires extra attention, cleaning wooden collar, fragile glass stock.
    • Bodum Pour Over: Easy disassembly, dishwasher safe, relatively less vulnerable.

The design: form meets function

The appearance of coffee equipment is often the first thing that catches your attention, but the design is much more than aesthetics. The Chemex , with its wooden collar and leather strap, is an example of the Bauhaus movement, in which form and function come together harmoniously. The thick filters and laboratory-quality glassware not only provide a unique look, but also provide sturdy insulation and pure, clear flavors.

The Bodum Pour Over , on the other hand, is more modern and minimalist, with a sleek line that is somewhere between Scandinavian and Japanese design philosophy. The stainless steel frame offers durability while the heat-resistant glass jar allows the true colors of the coffee to come out unhindered.

Both systems become the benchmark for synergy between design sensitivity and user-friendliness. Fans appreciate the designs of both coffee makers for their everlasting appeal and as true works of art of functionality.

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Making coffee: simplicity and control

Both machines make coffee according to the Pour Over principle . But what makes the Chemex so special? For the Chemex, you use a thicker filter that serves as a barrier for any coffee dust, resulting in a cleaner coffee.

In addition, the large, hexagonal design provides significant surface area, allowing you to pour with precision and control extraction. The Bodum Pour Over, while also effective, has slightly smaller openings making control over flow rate less precise.

While the Chemex requires a certain degree of skill in brewing the perfect cup, the brewing process also gives you the chance to precisely manage the extraction, resulting in a great cup of coffee to your exact specifications.

The Bodum Pour Over, on the other hand, is simpler, which may mean a little less control, but for some it offers the ideal balance between convenience and quality.

The choice between the two will depend on your preference for the brewing process: do you like the technology behind a Chemex that rewards you with precision, or do you prefer the simplicity of a Bodum that gives you a consistent cup of coffee, without too much fuss?

making chemex coffee

Taste profile: delicate versus robust

The taste of the coffee you make is not only influenced by the quality of the beans and water, but also by the coffee itself. With a Chemex, the result is often lighter and more floral, in which subtle flavors come to the fore. The heavier oils and extracts are largely filtered, allowing the coffee to be less greasy and acidic. The end product is a cup of coffee that is often described as "tea-like" and "brighter."

Compare that to the Bodum Pour Over, where a little more of the natural oils and compounds are retained, and you get a coffee with a fuller body and often a little more complexity. It can deliver a balanced flavor with a subtle acidity and smoother texture than the clean, bright notes of the Chemex coffee.

This flavor profile is all about personal preferences. If you enjoy the lighter, smoother flavors, then the Chemex might be your favorite. If you prefer coffee with a richer mouthfeel and complexity, the Bodum Pour Over could be just what you're looking for.

Maintenance and clean-up: convenience is important

One of the less romantic but still important aspects of coffee preparation is cleaning the equipment. The Bodum Pour Over scores high here because of its easy disassembly and the option to clean the jug in the dishwasher. The Chemex, on the other hand, sometimes requires extra attention, especially if you want to keep the wooden collar clean. The glass flasks of both brands are relatively fragile, so caution is advised.

However, the maintenance level of both coffee making systems is more than manageable. They are designed to last and with proper care they will. Making coffee with care and attention to details ultimately also means taking care of the materials you use.


There is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer when it comes to choosing between the Chemex and the Bodum Pour Over. Both coffee brewing systems have their own unique features that will appeal to different types of coffee lovers. Whether you choose the simplicity and control of the Chemex, or the robust taste of the Bodum Pour Over, with both you are assured of a cup of coffee that has been prepared with love.

But wait, isn't there a third party in this coffee duel? The ultimate winner may be whoever wields these devices. Perhaps it is not the pot or the filter, but the hand of the master that makes the difference. Because ultimately it is your skill and passion that conjures up the rich aroma, full flavor and subtle character of a good cup of handcrafted coffee. So, cheers! Whatever tool you choose, enjoy it to the fullest.