Koffie als een champ, aeropress

How do you make coffee like a 'champ' with the Aeropress?

Coffee for Champs

The Aeropress is a coffee maker with which you can easily make a cup of delicious coffee. Initially, the Aeropress was picked up by the fanatical home baristas, but has now also become a commonly used brewing method in hip coffee bars. There are even World Aeropress Brewing Championships, which says a lot about the adoption of this brewing method in the specialty coffee world. So what makes this Aeropress so special ?

Handy and affordable

Whether you're going on a trip or simply want to drink a delicious cup of coffee at the office, the Aeropress is a top solution. The price of €39.50, which includes the Aeropress, 350 filters, a stirrer and a measuring scoop, is also very accessible compared to other specialty coffee attributes .

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In its use, the Aeropress resembles a cross between a French press and an espresso machine. Not that the Aeropress is an espresso machine or a French press, but the basics are the same. Under pressure, you press the water through the coffee, which is filtered through the filter. In terms of taste, you get the smoothness of an Americano and the full flavor of a French press.

Because the Aeropress is handy and easy to use, you have a great cup of coffee within 2 minutes. You can also experiment endlessly with various water temperatures and grind degrees of the coffee. To help you on your way, we have shared our Aeropress recipe below to get started with this coffee maker yourself.

Great cup of coffee

Our Aeropress 'champions' recipe

Step 1:

Bring 250 grams of water to the boil and weigh 35 grams of coffee (depending on the desired strength). Grind the coffee with a slightly coarse grind. Similar to the grind size for the French press.

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Step 2:

Place the Aeropress filter in the filter holder and rinse it with the just boiled water. This allows you to clean the filter of unwanted (paper) flavors and to preheat the mug or jug ​​in which the coffee is made.

Step 3:

Assemble the Aeropress and place it upside down on the scale.

Step 4:

Add the freshly ground coffee. Make sure that no coffee residues get stuck on the outer ring, which can eventually cause unwanted flavors in your cup. 'Tare' the scales and the pouring can begin.

Step 5:

Start the timer and pour 150 ml/gram of water onto the freshly ground coffee. The water should be about 84 degrees. You can of course choose a higher or lower temperature, depending on the desired result.

Stir the coffee well.

Step 6:

Have patience and wait 1 minute ;-)

Step 7:

Stir the coffee and water to mix them together well.

Step 8:

Screw the filter holder with the rinsed filter onto the Aeropress and place the whole with the filter holder on the cup or jug ​​in which you want to pour the coffee. Push the coffee through the filter into your cup until the filter starts to sizzle. This means that you have pressed all the coffee through the filter and your first Aeropress is ready for consumption.

Press Aeropress

Photo: Bastiaan Roosendaal

Step 9:

Remove the Aeropress from your cup and unscrew the portafilter. Pour 100 ml of water with the freshly brewed coffee.

Step 10:

Pour your coffee and enjoy!

Want to know how the champions do?

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