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Colombian coffee: Colombia's love baby

Maybe not something you think about when you drink your daily cup of coffee, but the coffee in your cup has come a long way! Not only do we treat Colombian coffee with a lot of love and dedication, this really starts at the very beginning…

Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee is now very highly regarded all over the world. It is currently the third largest coffee exporting country in the world. Only first-class coffee can be exported, so everything from Colombia is good anyway. But of course you also have very big differences within good weather. We exclusively sell 100% specialty coffee beans.

We have had the privilege of visiting coffee farms in Colombia during our world trip. This was extremely enriching and super interesting! It creates a lot of employment there and because of the strict rules of the federations, the entire process meets strict requirements. We also give you a little look behind the scenes, and you might get even more excited about Colombian coffee when you see how much love and passion has been involved since the beginning…

Read more about direct trade here , this is also happening more and more in Colombia!