Raro Nansebo uit Ethiopië

Raro Nansebo from Ethiopia

We can't wait to introduce you to our newest specialty: the Raro Nansebo, a stunning coffee from the heart of Ethiopia. We also call it the "Qabballe Natural", and it is more than just a coffee - it is a journey through the flavors of Teraga, Oromia.

Picture this: high in the mountains at an average altitude of 2225 meters above sea level, you will find the farms of 15 contributing producers. They cultivate local varieties 74110 and 74112, chosen for their productivity and resistance to diseases. The name "Qabballe" means "cold" in the local language, which corresponds to the high altitude, temperature and climate of this beautiful coffee region.

The man behind these magical beans is Ture Waji, also known as "The King of Guji", and he runs Sookoo Coffee's Raro Nansebo drying station. Something special is happening here. To minimize fermentation, farmers take their cherries to the washing station at night. There the cherries undergo a thorough sorting process to remove over- and under-ripe fruits. They are then dried on African beds under full sun, with strict protocols for maximum layer density and turning six times a day. All this to prevent over-fermentation and defects and to develop the optimal flavor in 21-28 days.

Ture Waji, the founder of Sookoo Coffee, is not just any coffee producer. He has deep roots in the Guji region of Ethiopia, educational programs for farmers, pre-harvest loans, and even a “women-first” policy at his washing stations. He has a vision, and we are proud to work with him.

So, grab your favorite mug and let Raro Nansebo take you on a journey of flavors, carried by the passion and dedication of the people who make this coffee possible. Enjoy, because there's a lot more to this cup than you might think. ☕️🌍

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