Ontdek de Magie van Marangu: Een Espresso Avontuur uit Tanzania

Discover the Magic of Marangu: An Espresso Adventure from Tanzania

Today we would like to take you on a journey to the beautiful Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania, where our newest and unique espresso special, called Marangu, comes to life. This isn't just any cup of coffee; it tells the story of passion, perseverance and the invincible spirit of the local coffee farmers.

In 2011, Rebecca returned to her mother's country and began talking to coffee farmers in the Kilimanjaro region. Her goal was to understand their true needs, challenges and struggles. The region where her family had grown coffee for generations was hit hard by the global drop in coffee prices in the 1990s.

Rebecca and her team at Wanza are committed to creating sustainable benefits for coffee farmers. They have worked to set up small, democratic and independent cooperatives and organizations to improve the quality of coffee and obtain fair prices. We are honored to be involved in this initiative and we are proud to work with the Wanza team and the coffee farmers of Marangu to create strong, democratic organizations in the region.

The Coffee History of Kilimanjaro

Coffee was first grown in Kilimanjaro in the late 19th century as an important crop. In the early 20th century it contributed to the development of the region. Small farmer cooperatives have invested in schools, clinics, roads and other infrastructure, and provided loans to farmers.

Unfortunately, the global price of coffee suffered a massive decline in the 1990s, which had a major impact on farmers in Kilimanjaro. Although prices have increased somewhat, it remains an ongoing challenge. In the past two years, the number of farmers in Tanzania living in extreme poverty has increased by 30%.

Wanza and the Kilimanjaro farmers

This initiative trains farmers in best agricultural and harvesting practices, provides inputs such as new coffee seedlings, connects farmer groups for mentoring, and helps farmers with marketing and exports. A particular focus is on female farmers, with active recruitment and taking on leadership positions central.

Marangu: The Taste of Hope

And now, we proudly present Marangu. This limited-time espresso special, with the 'washed' processing method, offers a unique flavor profile of red berries, plum and black tea. Every cup of Marangu tells the story of resilience, cooperation and determination of Kilimanjaro farmers.

Enjoy the magic in every sip and be a part of this inspiring story. Marangu - more than just coffee, it's an experience. ☕✨