Scoop: The first Ugandan coffee in our range ever!

Uganda coffee

Thank you The Coffee Quest, for this beautiful photo and the accompanying information!

This is another super beautiful and inspiring story behind a coffee, which I absolutely do not want to keep from you. That's why I'd like to share it with you through this road.


Thanks to our partner The Coffee Quest (TCQ) we receive these super nice details behind a coffee and I can share them. They came into contact with Frank Massa, owner of FMI - Friends of Mothers Initiative.

At that time, Frank was largely in the Commodity Business, which means that coffee is traded as a bulk product on the stock exchange for relatively little money. Therefore, there was minimal room for investment and improvements.

TCQ realized that they can contribute to the start of a major change for these types of organizations. And that was the case.

Through SCA training and other research, Frank Massa developed himself and his organization and suddenly he was able to deliver Specialty Coffee quality. He now strives for high and consistent quality that can only get better!


FMI, the organization behind Frank Massa, only deals with women farmers because they have seen better decisions made when women take ownership of coffee crops.

In addition, FMI does even more. FMI is a company that supports female coffee farmers by buying their coffee cherries, training them in sustainable practices, listening to their needs and supporting them with medical, farm and school equipment.

FMI also supports their farmers with gas stoves with efficient energy transfer, so that they no longer have to cook on the fire in the house. Substantial long-term investments, we like that :-).

Confidence in the future

Thanks to the financial support that Frank Massa has received, he has now realized new tanks and drying beds, which can only improve next year's harvest.

We are very curious and have great confidence in it. That is why we like to follow them further in their development!

What about the coffee?

The coffee is very tasty. A basic espresso coffee, not too crazy but very good! With taste notes of chocolate and a hint of fruit, this coffee is very suitable for lovers of Brazilian coffees, for example.

Fun fact: the coffees are organic (bio), but not certified. So then you know what you're drinking :-)